24 July 2014

PLEBGATE ... BIFFGATE it just goes on, ok so this isnt the Filf but same thing in the end. give a pig a bad name n shove it  in uniform, yeh? am i bovvered.??  actually i am

21 July 2014

could be beginning of the end for mazher. i always tried to get his grubby exploits publicised but he beat me to it and shut down the PR stream. no such luck here. and he has many enemies ....

more tulisan fibgate 

of course lying reptile b'stard mahmood lied - of course. bit like plebgate, come to think of it, cept for fok-tongued Filth. mirror filth. 

oily mahmoud ... see my earlier ref, snigger preen. but mahmoud always dissembled n lied, even back in my day. famous 4 it. only suckers bit the dust or fell 4 it. 

20 July 2014

the real stars of our starry youth ... not you lot, you whipper snappers (what e'er them is) ... you'se mere babies. 

16 July 2014

The eyes have it

blazing morning zand i want to get out with thears in thr garden, except that my strokes of jan 20 ubckuded a stroke of ythr optic nerve n im not safe on my own. i have no perpiphweral

 vision, not even two words on a headline next to each other. i walk into edges of open doors, metal tables, people, overhanging branches; i get dizzy n whirl about before tumbling in to gutters. painful. its constant pressure on my eyes n i get tired n then collapse. but i have a story to tel n i dream of writing wriytinhg writing so i must press on.
blogs! what nonsense. does anyont get the voice right? either too smart alecky or too portentous n self-serious. dunno if theres an answer but it'll be fun ttrying. at least with my eyes i wont be waxing lengthy n tedious. more news from the caliphate once ive plodded round the property - 1118hrs, 16 july