22 September 2014

BRIT BAD MANNERS ... always know'd it n said so

HOT BLAIR - i'm frankly surprised to see the disgraced discredited poodle blair given a platform anywhere for his irrelevant wafflings.  

21 September 2014

someone helpful in maman's landlords sending me pointed updates in re her pee'd a terre ... mais qui? poios;

15 September 2014

CHARLOTTE HIGGINS/It's all Greek to me ~ "Not a love letter to ancient Greece ... rather, a love letter to the act of thinking about ancient Greece  

OAKLEY HOUSE - friendly chat with helpful gal with maman's landlords. also rendezvous with some old booksy pals, hopefully next wk in the Antelope. all seems so distant.  

hachette - letter to readers

as an ex-amazonian, a topic close to my heart.

hatchets out over hachette

13 September 2014


are u getting the wondrous kaliroe? i'mhaving a Raoul-binge and remembering that scally-wag and playing the wonderful sounds he gave to my life. 

12 September 2014


looks funny; looks good.
dorset rocks, forgot post it, bloody eyea

DORSET ROCKS!  LANKY JIM KNEW THIS ALL ALONG. bloody CAPS. bloody eyes, more like. blind today, bare see postolero pistorius on the box collect his tkt to clinky sans passing go. he'll be better greeted than rolfie, tho'