28 March 2015

elginised bling

gouvia heights april 29  'naughty' table no sooner do I blog about the literate and investigative ms Redback than I collide with the usual stoker.the tables in the HTC courtyard because the faithful meet there after church and ... smoke cigs; very naughty. I had mentioned this light-hearted fashion whereupon what do I receive than a furious communiqué from some obsessive stalking swain of la dottore accusing me badmouthing mlle E by suggesting ET and I had made whoopee on the aforesaid trapeza. Eh? I then made the further error of holding this Sydney-sider buffoon up for ridicule by my fellow naughties. the buffoon's language was coarse and his threats rough-hewn and the whole mess got out of hand when a fellow worshipper told me sternly that she had been thinking of donating €500 to the church but would change her ming if she she even glimpsed me at the table in the company with ms Redback. No competition: I shall of course shun the delightful Eleni's company so the church can benefit - but I am mightily sulky that the bully boy stalker should dictate my socializing at the Kirk.alas, RT and her admirer are facebook 'friends'  and, according to her obsessive beau, like 'that.Eleni and will have to be content with sorshipping together and leave it there.Bully boy is skilled enough online to tap everyone's messages so I have to lie low and watch my blogging.I suspect ms redback will have a tart word for her swain if I cave in and enjoy her company a table, but 500 smacker€ are too good to let slip.   

thinks, bubble bubble, my girls' heirloom jewelry 'loaned' back. hmm. more anon on this as I gather thoughts and supporting material, fotos, etc.

18 February 2015

Repeat - same old Simpsonia reminder. Lest we (or the search engines)forget.

17 February 2015

Demented carers - emotional suffering, job loss. tell me 'bout it. oh, u just did.

16 February 2015

WhistleBlower sawbones': 'Redback' pilot probe exposé

13 February 2015

HELEN COUNTRY. - rife Corfu if you know where to look, whom to prod, which flower-pot under which to grub kai tou alla.

10 February 2015

honking and shanking. I bet some old hongkong hands are going troppo

hsbc http://www.rte.ie/news/business/2015/0210/679066-hsbc-tax/

Honkers Bonkers TaxAvonkers - word from the dark side aka Running Fat Cats Anon is that there'll be the usual token suspects rolled out to feed the maw but the inner sancti will live to squirrel again 'JacoSkates' Cater skims on. thin ice intact but creaking. but only thanks to certain property 'pung-yao' having less betty-confetti to sprinkle around and there being a certain tit-4-tat deal coming up that the policiers plan to use as a deal-sweetener. All wayy above my head and certainly my PayGrade.     

09 February 2015

Honkers&Shankers wheeze ~ good heavens, i thought this was just some prankster rumourer. Lawks-a-daisy, maman had dozens of pals using HSBC wiles and here correspondence bag bulges with connivings and boastings of coups graced. My in-box even more, come to think of it ~ le tout vieille 'Ong-kong. All the old robber barons and China Hands swapped their 'clever little men' and passed them around their mates, parrticularly 'distressed gentlefolk widows' such as mother. How terribly funny - not that it helped mum but Aileen Scott was always urging maman to let her 'refer' her and Jack Carter was ever the pal on tricks and bells round the pension mulberry bush. There are even some business cards from Green with names and squiggles. I know - the Sorby file; that's where mum filed the juicy tips.