16 October 2014

uh ohhh ... ozzie pistolero dans un peu de confiture 

snowflake facebook easel catweazel ... still here to collect from the caliphate cornucopia

the blues trail. oh peau peau ... !! me n little jimmy potts should be on this. even the name.

i must try to watch it but i dont get bbc too good up in vouvia heights. more anon
big bill telling it straight

Don't let it become routine

15 October 2014

a fuller page, it seems, submitted by a sleuthing irregulière on the trail of simpsonia. also news of al-anon eng lang, corfers chapter but not to splash around. lawks, i wonder what came of those earnest big bookistas. so serious. id not choose qny of them for a session, save davy simpers of ample quaff ans he really blew a good job. oh man. i'll never trust a recovering alchie again n nor will anna.   

DEMENTIA REPEATIA - hear hear, i should say, and then 10 mins later a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time ad repeatia nauseam. anyone in their own lunacy, contemplating committing caregivery: read this 20 times, during which i will steal up n put a merciful bullet in yr bonce and save you appalling misery down the line. no no dont thank me, yr relief as it dawns on you the horreurs i've saved you will be reward enow. 

14 October 2014

CORFU CREATIVOI oh how funny. this link alone will keep my corfuciosi irregulières  distracted and amused. 

webster's very useful blog from his pages in the Oldie or di u nean http://www.webstersblog.co.uk? my eyes dont work a damn. 
and if u add an /malware, u get all sorts of freebies