10 August 2002

Corfu Holiday 2002

Guest wingThis is something of a "cheating" blog entry since it's being composed almost 3 years to the day since everything happened.

On the other hand, the details come from a diary I kept from the afternoon of July 16 2002, when I left work to start my Greek vacation, to the somewhat depressing morning of August 10th when I woke back on Bainbridge.

It's not a pretty document to read - garbled, grumbling, mealy-mouthed, self-chastising … hard to find anything worth quoting.

I also seem incapable of formatting it right so that the photos fall in any aesthetic order. I will return to fix these later.

I went with my younger daughter, Anna (11 at the time) of whom no better fellow traveler do I know: alert, punctual, always in the moment and, unlike her father, NOT given to feeble moaning and despair at the first setback.

view across pool
The flights were

  • Depart Seattle
  • Via London Heathrow
  • Via Athens, Greece
  • Destination Corfu, and my mother's lovely house.

    ch dining with mumThe main purpose of the hol was, of course, to attend my mother's birthday on July 28, a stellar event in the Corfu society calendar.

    tile of musician
    Photos: I see from my notes that I was failing to correctly use something called 'Zoombuster' , hence the dearth of photos, in addition to which I have in the intervening years managed to lose *all* my photos on hard disk by reinstalling XP in an effort to correct some footling malfunction that I forget.

    July 25: My brother and sister-in-law arrive which adds greatly to the gaiety. Also, alas, to certain inevitable confrontations and rumblings common to all long-time-no-see family reunions but of which poor Anna catches the worst and is not well defended by me.

    alh with catBut let us not speak of banal family "discussions.

    Anna was at her loveliest and endearingly obsessed with washing her hair in exotic parfums grècques, after which trying to straighten her naturally wavy locks. Her aunt Coy was a great help here.

    clean straight hair
    Naturally, the pool was put to excellent use.

    alh in pool