28 February 2011


Time to act.

God damn, what is wrong with those Idahoan legislators?


  • Excellent edition, well edited, superbly illustrated.

  • With reference to my mother (complete with pic), it gets the title right - Lady Holmes, rather than the elevated Lady Marjorie.

  • Ace job all round

  • Super photos of all the right people at all the right activities

  • Succinct reporting

  • Well done The Editor and well done Holy Trinity.

    Grab your own copy pronto.

    Archdeacon visit: There was a buffet lunch after the service that I will remember; perhaps forever.

    There I was, hovering with my rictus smile and the Archdeacon came over and we sat together for a while as he put me at my ease as is his skill and wont, and then he cut straight to the chase, asking me with deceptive mildness how I passed my time.

    Of course, I do not pass my or any other time. After

    1786 days, or

  • 154,310,400 seconds ~ 2,571,840 minutes ~ 42,864 hours ~ 255 weeks...

    there is no actual usable time to pass. My brain and thought processes have been reduced to mush and pea-brained zombiedom ....

    And how interesting that I simply invented a load of puff about the guitar rather than take advantage of this wise and shrewd man who might have 'helped' me. Not there and then, midst party, of course, but ... later.

    My loss.

    And how ironic that the one place where I can find intelligent conversation and sympathy is also where my blood rages and clench my fists and bite my tongue lest I say aloud what I'm oathing and obscening inside:

  • In my 4+ years here, I don't think I've had 3 straight weeks off chauffeuring, waiting, re-chauffeuring ... in other words, buggering up my Sunday morning with useless time wastes.

    I was looking back in my email to see when my friends finally gave up on inviting me to join them on their one free day a week: they were hardy and faithful.

    It's a shock and disgrace to realise that my new friends that made here lasted longer than I was allowed to keep my personal jewelry and my girls' heirlooms.

    I have pals still letting me know their plans, in case I can join them, up to May and even June 2007.

    I arrived in Corfu on April 11 2006 and on April 6th - not even a full year - my most precious possessions were removed behind my back and taken to my brother's place in Italy. No discussion, no advance warning, no offer to explain to my girls why their inheritance was being moved to a country that we ourselves describe as made up of thieves. Corfiots being liars, of course, according to the book of Holmes, but if you think about it, stealing is also a sort of lying. Certainly when you're stealing from family, under the same roof and to whom it has not yet occurred to be on guard within as well as without.

    My previous Sasha had a wonderful quip snap back at someone who was trying to 'justify' or 'understand' the double filch by mother/YaYa/brother/uncle:

    "Perhaps your mother saw them lying around and felt they should be stored more safely - perhaps you took them outside one day and forgetfully left them there ... on the side of the pool."

    "He kept them in a red box, in a bedside locker! If he's left them on the side of the pool, he'd still have them to this day!"
    You know? That's absolutely true - it's obvious now that there would have been less chance of my treasures being lifted by a passing tramp or immigrant than my own kin. As my ex-wife joked at the time,
    "Well, you can't say your mother wasn't right in a way ... moving them from Corfu to safe honest Italy and away from the light-fingered Corfiots: 40 years and all round the world you keep your possessions safe; come to Corfu and they don't last even a year."
    I tell that to everyone, it goes with the maxim about Ities stealing and Corfiots' economy with the truth.

    But back to this model issue of Pulse. I cannot look at it without pangs of intense dislike as my ears echo with the endless droning gushes; daily burblings about tiles by the gate; on and on about some biddy who had the gall to ask for a clipping of daffodils; mutter mutter yak yak about applying to do the church flowers twice a month. No use to point out that if the current flower person is so stonking ham-fisted and black-fingered, all that's needed is to shove the name down on the rota in an available spot.

    Yes, indeed, well spotted: TWO more frigging chauffeurisms per month for Joe Sapouni. In, park, hang around church, back home.

    to be continued and continued, and continued

  • Blessèd Test

    I have a rival in the local Letters/Ed interface.

    She writes the most pedestrian missives and makes sure we all know:

    First she announces that she is writing to Athens News; then she tells us when she emailed it; then, if it's published - if - she drops leaden hints such as "Yes, I reckon that'll stir things up" or "Interesting to see the reaction to that one." None of us know what the heck she's talking about and we're too thick to notice the AN she keeps shuffling around, Letters page open.

    Or she's at the bar, reading her own letter with many an appreciative snort and snigger until someone asks what's so funny?

    I say nothing to anyone, not even maman.

    After church she asks, "People were talking about a letter you had printed" to which I say "Good. That was the point."

    If I think she's written something pertinent - if - I tell her; she never comments on mine.

    27 February 2011

    Black boys rape our young girls"

    ... but virgins go without”

    I can't find a black enough boy with which to illustrate this menemonic, but the title is in Cooper Black so that'll have to do you.

    I don't know about racism - too busy admiring the clever memory aid - but this is one shit-hot mnemonic for the colour code for wiring electronic resistors:

    black, brown, red, orange, yellow,
    green, blue, violet, grey, white.


    I came across the article over morning coffee as my mother was at church. I cursed and spat on the idiot excesses of correctitude and read on. No use to me, not being a wiring colour coder.

    Reached the end of the news section and turned to the business page and, just as a test, repeated it verbatim sans problème.

    Finished the paper, strolled over to Holy Trinity and, as I did, found myself repeating spot on that darkie yoofs abuse the nation's young gels. No hesitation, repetition, regal stutters, no nothin'.

    This evening as I cleared the dinner plates, again it leapt to my lips.

    Usually, I need at least a dozen repetitions for anything to sink in.

    So, fucking good aide-memoire and bravo and thank you James Hersey.

    If I was publisher, I'd think about putting out a handy book of racist mnemonics or acronyms. Can you imagine the veritable tsunami of ingenious reminders once the appeal went out?

    Breaking news: my good friend Jim Demetre out of Seattle posts a comment in one of my Facebook foto albums that reads exactly like a mnemonic one would remember forever - in the same way that I remember to this day the street layout of my belovèd Seattle.

    Anyway, listen to Jim's brill comment:


    By the mnemonic of Nicarthides! Is that not now engraved in your mind forever?

    My Spitfire had the unconscious habit of making mental notes wherever we went. Par exemple, I'd promise to take her shopping for fripperies but first to Safeways to stock the larder.

    Much to-do over drawing up a list and numbering them in order - and then leaving it on the dining room table.

    "Back home to get the list. More valuable time wasted."

    "Dad! I know what we need to buy: Wine, Honey, Potatoes, Garlic, Marmalade, Washing-up liquid, Spaghetti, and Shampoo."

    "Good God, child, that's exactly what I wrote down ... but ... how ..."

    "Easy, dad - I used the Demetre formula, ya know? Fat guys singing?"

    That's what she'd do - and long may the skill be with her. Of course, being a young chickadee she'd have her own tricks.

    For instance, suppose she needed to remember that I needed

    1. Inkjet printer ribbon
    2. Lettuce
    3. Ham
    4. chicken Wings ('Yayy - dad! cool!')
    5. Gas (petrol for us Brits)
    6. Milk
    Anna would recall it instantly with:

    I Like Hope We Get to the Mall

    Fascinating topic - salutations once again to the hapless James Hersey and fuck the dullards who cost him his job.

    And here's a nice link I came across while bulking up to join the Seattle Men's Chorus.

    18 February 2011

    Πεθαίνω για σένα

  • I dare you not to tap your foot along.

  • And doesn't it tell a wonderful tale?

  • What about that first note from the chanteuse? Fooled ya, huh?

  • I cannot fib - well, I can but I daresn't in this case - this clip posted on Facebook by Tatiana Capodistria and commandeered by me to brighten my blog posts.
  • 17 February 2011


    Stop the Sneak Attack on Wildlife

    Some in Congress are attempting to use a must-pass spending bill to eliminate protections for wolves and other wildlife.

    If they are successful, life-saving protections for wolves will be eliminated, the Endangered Species Act will be compromised and vital funding to protect our wildlife and environment will be slashed.

    Speak out for wildlife! Urge your U.S. representative to pass a clean continuing resolution – without provisions that hurt our wildlife.



    Close readers of this blog know how much I admire Louise du Toit.

    Louise has recently fallen foul of one Ted Ferrioli - altho' not as foul as he has of her.

    By my troth, has the ordure/ventilator interface rebounded robustly on the podgy pol.

    Is the moron in Grant or Greece? - that 'Flopsy' Ferrioli bunter sure be back-pedaling now.

    Hit delete, Jack and don't come back namoor, etc

    Clever MyEagleNews:

    "But this fuss really isn’t about wolves. It’s about civil discourse. Labeling an entire nation “morons” wasn’t the senator’s finest moment. It seemed particularly unfortunate given some of the recent history of his home county ...

    Worse, we have letter writers in newspapers across the region questioning whether Grant County, not Greece, is the haven for morons. That’s some significant splashback for a community that’s struggling to foster a fledgling tourism industry and promote its assets.

    The senator may have shot himself in the foot, but we’re catching the ricochet. Maybe he should apologize not just to Greeks, but to this community as well. And perhaps next time, rather than telling foreign correspondents to “go away,” he should invite them to visit Grant County and see rural life for themselves."

    Call anyone a moron today? - OregonLive.com's incisive Susan Nielsen sliding the rapier into Ferrioli's juddering flanks. This is beginning to catch fire - surely not an outbreak of Politician Politesse?

    "Too important to be given over to bullies": Oh boy, I wouldnt like to get on the wrong side of Ricky 'Awesome' Wells.

    Message from that gunslinger that he, 'Posted the following at the Blue Mountain Eagle:

    "Word travels fast in this internet age, I'm following the story from Seattle, but I heard about it from friends in Greece.

    I hope your good Senator learns a few lessons from this international drama: the internet may provide a certain anonymity, but not for a public figure.

    It used to be that a rude comment would reach ten friends, now it can reach a million - pretty much with one forward to a list that goes viral.

    Finally, the US is in need of civil discourse. Most of us are tired of insults, shouts, and rude behavior. The business of governing is too important to be given over to bullies." '

    Seems like there's a poll that Corfuciosi should join in - not sure where, unless it's the discussion going on here.

    I'd like to fire up some comments from south london and Hong Kong, give it a bit of cosmopolitania.

    Meanwhile ... back on the ranch:

  • Louise

  • More Louise

  • VOLPONE - One of the steps I took to lend weight to the cause was to contact a pal I made when reviewing her book - wife of Tom Rush, no less - the level-headed and clued-up Renee Askins, whose Shadow Mountain: A Memoir Of Wolves, A Woman, And The Wild is must-reading.

  • STUFF - among the messages I've had from Louise:

    "After learning about the anti-wolf bill of Senator Doug Whitsett, which will strip wolves of their already weak state protections as an endangered species, as well as greatly be undermining the Endangered Species Act itself by allowing politicians to decide which species deserve protection from being wiped out, I sent a polite letter of protest to most of the 30 Senators of Oregon State.

    I wrote a few articles about it on my FB page, where I have a great circle of friends supporting my humble efforts for animals. I explained what the whole situation was about, and I posted the ready letter (the first one that I sent) together with the e-mail addresses of all 30 Senators of Oregon State, to be used in our campaign of protest against the destructive proposal. Many of my friends sent the letter too, expressing their opposition to the bill.

    Many of us, both Americans and non-Americans, received unbelievably rude replies from Mr Ferrioli.

    Chris, I truly care for all these beautiful animals and I believe that it is of no importance whether I live in the US or not, when it comes to fighting for the survival of any species. There are truly no borders in our fights for animal rights. I am thoroughly disappointed with the reaction of this U.S. representative; when opinions from abroad are given with good faith, even though there may be a disagreement, there should be a respectable acceptance of it.

    Check this link for an update today: I am attaching the e-mail exchange between me and Mr Ferrioli - starting with my first letter at the bottom, ending with his last reply at the top."

    "Mmme [sic] Du Toit,

    You are delusional if you believe US elected officials will bow to activist pressure from outside our borders. Let your friends, family and fellow Europeans in their thousands write passionate emails. We will ignore them.

    You have not begun to deal with the shortcomings of your own governments and nations. Learn to govern yourselves, especially in the areas of social and environmental justice, before you begin to preach to others.

    Let me give you this assurance about your political influence in the Oregon State Legislature: You have none.

    Senator Ted Ferrioli John Day, Oregon USA"

    From: Louise Du Toit, Monday, February 07, 2011 11:45 AM
    To: Sen Ferrioli ~ Subject: Re: Endangered Wolves

    Dear Senator Ferrioli, thank you for your quick response.

    The fact that you took the time to reply to my letter, is a certain sign that you do feel quite insecure about the strong influence that we as non US citizens might have on the destructive proposed bills. I am not kidding, neither are any of the thousands of Europeans who are supporting the protection of all wolves around the world and who are all determined to speak up against this injustice.

    There are NO borders in our fight for endangered species.

    Henry Beston said the following:

    "The animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren; they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth."

    No-one has the right to destroy the life of ANY other nation, and we will oppose the killing of wolves ANYWHERE in the world for as long as we live.

    Sincerely, Louise du Toit

    From: Sen Ferrioli : Mon, February 7, 2011 5:36:47 PM

    Subject: RE: Endangered Wolves

    Mr. [sic] Du Toit,

    Are you kidding? Why do expect that input from EU residents make [sic] any difference at all to me? I'll be supporting Dr. Whitsett's bill (he is a VETERINARIAN). By the way, perhaps I should be writing to EU ministers to stop bailing out Greece. Clearly it has become a haven for morons.

    Go away!

    Senator Ted Ferrioli

    From: Louise Du Toit, Monday, February 07, 2011 1:52 AM
    To: Sen Ferrioli
    Subject: Endangered Wolves

    Dear Senator

    I am writing to you since I am STRONGLY opposing Senator Doug Whitsett's anti-wolf bill, which will ignore the opinions of wildlife managers and scientists, and strip wolves of their already weak state protections as an endangered species. This bill will also greatly undermine the Endangered Species Act itself, by allowing politicians to decide which species deserve protection from being wiped out.

    A a vivid and dedicated supporter of native wildlife, I am truly concerned about the negative effects which the proposed bill of Senator Whitsett could have on wolves and many other endangered species. Wolves MUST remain a protected species, since like all living creatures on earth, they deserve our full support and compassion, all being equally important and vital for a healthy Eco structure.

    I expect you to stand up against ANY efforts to make it easier to kill wolves, as I expect you to support the well-being of all native wildlife.

    Sincerely - Louise du Toit, Greece

    Thank you, Chris, your support is so much appreciated.

    Link to read more about the injustice towards the wolves.

    FACEBOOK POSTING : I had originally kicked off on my facebook - which i don't mix with here - with a plaintiff:

    "Someone is being horrid to a very favourite pal of mine. if anyone stateside goes huntin fishin with Teddy Ferrioli, can they ask him to be nicer to her. i am gathering more material to shove up on my blog."

    To which the stalwart Richard Wells - poet and Dylanthologist - had responded,

    "A UN free zone. Spare me. Here come the black helicopters, but they can't seem to find that rather insignificant county. Mockery is the only real response."

    *** Loipon - I love Louise and you would too so I call on all Corfucian Irregulars to do that thing you do and dish it to this grunting troglodyte as only you know how.

  • 15 February 2011


    I really only wanted to run that subject line, but it's also pretty good.

    14 February 2011


    Brilliant choice for the awards.

    This song and the original video will go down in pop history.

    Boo hiss to the idiotic GP: what is she on these days?

    10 February 2011

    Good Bits of YouTube

    Gosh how I look out for you chaps.

    Scroll down to

    TIP OF THE WEEK and Deep Link:

    Sending just the good bit of a clip.


    Want to share just the good part of a long YouTube video with friend and spare your pal from having to sit through the boring stuff at the beginning of the clip?

    Thanks to YouTube’s Deep Links feature, you can e-mail a URL that takes the recipient directly to a specific time within the video.

    To send a Deep Link, first copy the YouTube video’s URL into your e-mail message.

    Par exemple, the famed Spanish Inquisition clip.

    To the end of the address, add on the time code for the place you want to start in the clip.

    For example, if you want to direct your viewer to the section four minutes and 30 seconds into a clip, type #t=4m30s at the end of the video’s URL so the whole thing looks like this


    When your recipient clicks on the link, the video loads and jumps to the spot you have indicated.

    Google has more on using Deep Links with YouTube videos at bit.ly/1k0PVx.

    ~ thanks for all this go to J. D. BIERSDORFER

    08 February 2011


    This kid merits a Clio. He is spot-on throughout and don't tell me it's an Oscar-scooping dwarf ... that's a child-like gait and ditto reactions.

    Look at his hand movements, look at his walk, how he follows the dog, that little stumble of shock as the car guns into life.

    Look at that Alexandrian droop of shoulder-disappointment: only a Dad would notice that to comment so shrewdly on.

    My favorite: his gamma ray zapping of the sandwich under mum's patient all-understanding gaze.

    A gem of a commercial and well done VW.

    Comments If you can be bothered, look at the thicko comments about the starting of the car ... I was ashamed to be admiring the same advert as some of these dumbos.


    I didnt get this at first so I dont expect you to either - not even clever clogs Sinbad.

    Actually quite clever ...

    06 February 2011


    But no breaching of copyright, you hear?

    You scallywags.


    Actually, I don't particularly want to ...

    My eye was caught by Demi Moore's 16-yr-old daughter - and I'm sure she's terribly sweet.

    But bad enough being Demi's daughter anyway, but to look like that must have folks turning and gagging 'n' blushing in sheer tactful embarrassment.

    04 February 2011

    Ooh aye ~ The Oldie will get 'plaints about this one

    How now, browned-off Bercow?

    "She's hardly known as a shrinking violet, but this time even Sally Bercow may have overstepped the mark.

    Naked, save for a sheet to protect her 'modesty', the Speaker’s wife gazes provocatively into the camera for an extraordinary photo taken in the shadow of Parliament.

    Worse, in a racy magazine article, she then details the Bercow bedroom secrets, explaining how husband John’s lavish grace-and-favour apartment in the Palace of Westminster has spiced up life between the sheets.

    Embarrassment: Sally Bercow's latest antics could be the nail in her husband's coffin as Speaker [Please, yes - Ed]

    Mrs Bercow was amused by the description of her as the Carla Bruni of Westminster

    ‘I never realised how sexy I would find living under Big Ben with the bells chiming,’ Labour-supporting Mrs Bercow gushes.

    Then, making the grand and rather unlikely claim that she is seen as the 'Carla Bruni of British politics', the 41-year-old extols the virtues of politics as an aphrodisiac."

    Marvelous cartoon in the Telegraph

    "Phew it's just a ghost. For a moment, I thought it was the Speaker's wife."

  • STORM IN A BEDSHEET - there's a run-dont-walk adult movie I'd scuttle to the Orfeus to see; pulp porn I'd pluck from the Plousios shelves.