28 February 2011

Blessèd Test

I have a rival in the local Letters/Ed interface.

She writes the most pedestrian missives and makes sure we all know:

First she announces that she is writing to Athens News; then she tells us when she emailed it; then, if it's published - if - she drops leaden hints such as "Yes, I reckon that'll stir things up" or "Interesting to see the reaction to that one." None of us know what the heck she's talking about and we're too thick to notice the AN she keeps shuffling around, Letters page open.

Or she's at the bar, reading her own letter with many an appreciative snort and snigger until someone asks what's so funny?

I say nothing to anyone, not even maman.

After church she asks, "People were talking about a letter you had printed" to which I say "Good. That was the point."

If I think she's written something pertinent - if - I tell her; she never comments on mine.

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