10 February 2011

Good Bits of YouTube

Gosh how I look out for you chaps.

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TIP OF THE WEEK and Deep Link:

Sending just the good bit of a clip.


Want to share just the good part of a long YouTube video with friend and spare your pal from having to sit through the boring stuff at the beginning of the clip?

Thanks to YouTube’s Deep Links feature, you can e-mail a URL that takes the recipient directly to a specific time within the video.

To send a Deep Link, first copy the YouTube video’s URL into your e-mail message.

Par exemple, the famed Spanish Inquisition clip.

To the end of the address, add on the time code for the place you want to start in the clip.

For example, if you want to direct your viewer to the section four minutes and 30 seconds into a clip, type #t=4m30s at the end of the video’s URL so the whole thing looks like this


When your recipient clicks on the link, the video loads and jumps to the spot you have indicated.

Google has more on using Deep Links with YouTube videos at bit.ly/1k0PVx.

~ thanks for all this go to J. D. BIERSDORFER

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