23 December 2015

interesting film about hong kong


17 February 2015

Demented carers - emotional suffering, job loss. tell me 'bout it. oh, u just did.

16 February 2015

WhistleBlower sawbones': 'Redback' pilot probe exposé

26 January 2015

VENAL BALLS BULGER-gate. veritable tsunami of corfucian irregulars sending me the ev standard coverage and asking me how come? They vow deep sleuthery and to report back. |Hints that someone who knows someone who knows someone with links to the dating site. i doubt it but just the rumour will prompt someone who does have access to ponder how to slip the kounavi out of the sac. ever' li'l bit helps, and the rest will come about by a simple goof. we're on the trail.