30 July 2013


Sidle ~ Folks shuffle up to me, autograph albums a-thrust, and ask "Chris, how do you do it? You like own the zeitgeist, age-wise you're the Crypt Keeper but still you ogle and imbrogle.

All the cool ones. "And your blog ~ you got all the cool ones."

I tell them Fie! Doh! By the fourth fret Augmented 7th of Argo! Listeneth to me not?  I steal them all from Jocular James ~ I'm just a Jimmy Reed shakin' inna wind ... I keep tellin' ya, follow da Potts man.
And they go,
Donnish - "Dither, wimper, blanch - but El Lanko's so donnish and polite and nice and I don't dare engage him in conversazione sans my English Major diploma jutting from my push-up bra ..."   
Et bien loipn sapristi tiens alors - they leave the field clear.

Rise at sparrow fart, check out CorfuBlues, post the morning's plagiarisms .

Positive rockschrift today ~

Rockin' Bones - tempting tweak of the Ronnie Dawson classic into 'Bonkin' Runes'.

Mama Rock - Johnny Power unleashes his closet Oedypussy.

Leroy - how a song should start with that ah-oom chorus and Fonzie biker shot.

Neil Sedaka ~ I Go Ape ~ This is so familiar that I convince myself that I twisted to it in the upstairs Hurstpierpont kitchen with the brave little maids who dared the sack to cavort with the likes of Dyer-Smith and Greensted II. But when i check dates i was too young and certainly too cowardly. My role was to keep guard, I recall, and a burning memory of coming up the stairs and Greensted had Carol bent over the rail, his hand deep in her pants while holding hers down his.

I'd heard a deep, Masterly voice and had swung into action, up to alert the swingers and then down to where i'd laid out my music and guitar, ready to sit down and go into a serious Dowland. It'd been no-one for the Greensted incident but when it had been a prefect or master there'd been kerfuffle moving my music and them stepping over me, meanwhile asking what I was doing there. My reply was that the acoustics were the best. Also, those stairs were a black hole in the school rules, not actually covered as out of bounds and the Head was fair enough to allow me to continue.  Rather topographically Greek. Also, the Head's wife once came round and heard me playing Elizabethan Serenade.

Aint I'm a Dog - landsakesalive! thought it was the Big Bopper talkin' to me.

The Train Kept A' Rollin' - Johnny Burnett. Right on! Sexeh! Lookit them legs and them tight little asses going tick-tock. Lord have merceh - there was more sex going on oop t'screen than all the shy fakeroo these days. Talkin' of JB, had a lovely little friend in Hong Kong, 16 on the dot and we'd fool and flounder til a blubbery-lipped bully called Rob turned up and took her away for a right seeing to. Never saw her again; well i saw her but she never looked my virginal way again. Dead ringer for Burnett in this clip - confident lecherous and grabby.

Wanda Jackson - gone right off Brenda Lee in her heatiest, Miss Wanda is the real thang. Whew! Can you imagine the studio bosses lining up for a piece of the action? Reckon she'd be too hot for those dudes, just stand by the mic with their hats in their hands. Trust the Prof to sneak this into the tutorial.

A fine collection.


  • Carbon monoxidings, Oct 2006

  • Damages; Cook cleared

28 July 2013


  • Guitars, 2:12

** The commenting Karniol is right. Check it out ~ sublime.

2:12 - including a wonderful funky sitar

25 July 2013

MY KERKYRA ~ Summer 2013

Absolutely splendid Spring/Summer issue of My Kerkyra - your Kerkyra if you're on the ball.

Ideal for:

  • Coffee table
  • All guest rooms
  • Loos
  • Glove compartment of the Roller
Articles in this issue include:

Noble interview by Irene Vlachou with His Honour, Mr Spiros Spirou, our Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands.

Palaio-K ~ One of many fine articles by the prolific and literate Natassa Dafni ~ surely a jewel in the CorfuPress crown ~ this one on our belovèd Palaio, of Consul Forte fame and rumoured home-crib of Alkinoos Rex.

Cool contact numbers - essential for us all.

Corfu - Heaven on Earth. What sounds to be a heavenly must-buy video ~ perfect gift and souvenir - listed as available here from Corfu Press but I couldn't see it.

Mind you, the video is also listed under kerkyra.eu which suggests I "Buy this domain - The name (domain name) kerkyra.eu is for sale", so go figure.

Discover Ionia ~ Corfu ~ Paxos ~ Kefalonia ~ Zakynthos ~ Ithaca ~ Lefkas

Tsitsibirra - our very own nectar of Nausicaa

Horse Riding ~ and other hobbies. Explore the versatile link.

Glorious and glossy ~ A sassy and snappy mag I make sure to seize off the news racks the moment it appears.

Caveat ~ a few misleading links, such as the resuscitation of the much-missed Durrell School, but otherwise you're good to go.

* Bravo Editor-in-Chief, Thomas S. Kitsaros, for a fine feat of consistent quality and an eye for for the right story.

Speaking of staying ahead of the curve, I can't wait to see the definitive job the MK team make of our island's fine crafts-personnes d'art.

They're already well trumpeted in the Kerkyra chapter of Facebook and that ever-glistening jewel, The Corfu Grapevine, but it's words that count, isn't it?
  • Who's in and who's tactlessfully 'out'. (My dear, the sulks, stamps and the tantrums! Three stars for 'Dafnila by Dawn', pointed thumbs-down for 'Chick on a Donkey'.)  
  • The gushes and crushes, the raves and the razor-jobs - and, my favourites, the delectable damnings with faint praise
Oh poh poh, not to mention 'poh poh', if this isn't the island for inter-necine nobblings, I never sailed with Jack Sparrow.
But I digress.

To pluck but a few of the Right Stuff from the sulphorous thin air ~
  •  Book-binder élégante, Olga Tseflika and la suprema, Victoria Drew 
  • Trinketière and entrepreneuse artistique, Angela Wicker.
  • Caroline Philp, whose Kyma treasure-trove wave of wonders defies superlatives and about whom I shall one day crow, "Told you so!" as the auctioneer's gavel thumps down on, "Million and half guineas. 'Ronja and frisbee en vol'; gouache; 110 x 79. Sold to Prince Abdulaziz." 
It'll leave a nuisance of a hole in the west wing but I'll have Benson move the Lowry a smidgeon to the left and swap the Donald Friend for the unconvincing Dali. 
Bags of arty-farty folks who've washed up in Corfu, perfect for Tommy Katsaros and his crew to sink their quills into.

Great magazine. Zinging with the Corfu zeitgeist.

17 July 2013


Rather a good effort by Team Grapevine:
  • Three young varlets nicked a Wii gizmo from Scooby's Bar in Sidari.
  • The thieves are apparently staying at the Palm Grove.
  • The filch was instantly reported on the Vine and photos included.
  • In a trice they were traced and confronted and the Wii retrieved.
  • They are here until Monday July 22, so everyone is determined they meet with frowns and suspicion wherever they go - Sleepless in Sidari is the plan for this bunch of blackguards.
  • I'm down the airport on Monday, I wonder what flight they're on? 

I might raise a ruckus if I see them, warn ground crew and admin there be filcheurs afoot.

Grisly sight - skeletal tea-leaf


According to the Grapevine, the lads have done a bunk from their 'Palm Grove' lodgings which they also robbed - see GV posting below.

Hero Backpacker was the one who nailed them to justice in the first place. 
  • "These people have robbed palm grove as well now and fled the resort, lots of alcohol and other items stolen"

Carl Backpackerboy "These guys are back on the wanted list after robbing their own hotel and moonlighting in the night. If anyone sees them around the airport today, any help stopping them appreciated"

FUGITIVE ~ Things getting interesting. Word has it they are not due out 'til the Gatwick flight next Monday 22nd. That's a long time for them to be dodging the cops and tenacious Viners. My bet is that they've high-tailed it out of Dodge and are heading south of the Mason-Hadrian to snoozy backwaters like Kovtokoli where we quiet folks don't get to meet this kind of excitement. I shall print a Wanted poster just for the Navigators.

CCTV - examine the CCTV photos of the theft that Sue Butchart cool-headedly lost no time putting out and hence ensured an early thwarting of these hot-heads.

Susan Butchart's number is as valid now as when she listed it in her first alarum - 6983459364 .

So is your local police number. Any bar or taverna keeper will assist.

Newsflash - this just in, 1515hrs July 18: " ... these people have managed to get on an Easyjet flight and are about to land at Gatwick. Interpol have been notified." Interpol, indeed. Wheels and butterflies.


"My dear Watson - chill. I have my methods."




Since losing her perfect shop opposite the Navigators bar and burgery, Caroline Philp's Kyma gallery emporium has been nomadic of premise and hours.


Caroline is back on the block and those particularly lucky to live in the Kovtokoli/Marina area ~ rejoice!

  • Blue Bar/Argo Restaurant ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 11am - 6pm

  • Navigators ~ Monday and Tuesday, 11am - 6pm
  • Fine Art (dont be put off by the gruff self portrait glowering out)

14 July 2013


Everyone check out the brand new site
by my fellow Greek language pupils, Adrian and Sarah Ward.

  • Not sure if it won't be jostling with the Vine's Corfu Services but there's room for everyone.
  • The acid test will be if everyone feeds them info' promptly and accurately and makes sure it's all up to date.
  • Nice clean look and easy GUI - first look is promising. 
  • A possible further showcase for Caroline Philp.
  • Give them a 'Like' on Facebook.
  • Interesting TV page
  • Another acid test will be how current they keep the blog - busy job ahead.
  • Aleko's Page ~ Shrewd inclusion! The admirable and donnish Aleko Damaskinos is our Greek teacher, Tuesdays at Ipsos Sally's.

08 July 2013

Aunt Phyllis' 100th

My aunt phyllis' 100th birthday gathering at the Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.

Wonderful shot, wonderful gathering. Wish I'd been there to represent Mum.



My favourite new discovery band. I must try to make this blog post worthy of them with good pics etc.

Speaking of whom, a stunning shot by Mary Lou photography of Corine snapped at the Tristato gig, Giannades.

X- Lovers ειναι ετοιμοι για το φετινο καλοκαιρι. Με ανεβαστικη,χορευτικη διαθεση απο την reggae του Βob Marley μεχρι την funk των Jamiroquai και απο την Amy Winehouse εως τον Lenny Kravitz!

Η ομαδα ειναι
  • DAVE GOOD μπασο

  • Corina Hamilton, singer 

  • LEO MORAITIS κιθαρα-πληκτρα [and the talented son of Denise, no less. Talk about an in there].
For non-Greek readers:

"X-Lovers are ready to go 'live' this summer.
With songs from Bob Marley to Jamiroquai and from Amy Winehouse to Lenny Kravitz!"

Check out their wonderful posters of past gigs and pay attention to forthcomings. And why not have a go matching fans' cool music posts?  

The Band members:
Corine Hamilton in
languid pose
  • DAVE GOOD bass/backing vocals
  • LEO MORAITIS (R) guitar-synths.

Some photos of the band 'live' at Me Gusta:

Leo Moraitis, guitar and synths

Leo Moraitis, guitar and synths
One of the ace posters Dave Good
is coming up with to promote the gigs 
Flailing-haired Corina Hamilton, singer 

06 July 2013



A song I wrote for the Holy Trinity Summer Fayre 2012but didn't sing because I cocked up the acoustics by thinking the Ovation would carry which, of course, it didn't.

Then I acquired my fake 'Fender' and sang it at this year's fair, 
but it still didn't hit the spot, so I did a quieter edited version you have here, complete with swallows and view.

Flattering response from my pals world wide and a demand from my daughters for the full words.

View of the Cross ~ the composer's cut

Too many pulpits, not enough priests,
Too many injuns, too many chiefs,
Too much taking for granted 
My Father's forbearance with all my moaning and grief, 
Something tells me, I've lost my view of the cross.

Mister MoneyChanger, with your coats and your ties,
To the bright lights no stranger, where the women writhe,
You sent your boy to the best schools,
Your friends all found him jobs:
My Father sent his Only Son to the Cross.


Don't block my view of the cross, mister, 
Let your faith shine thru,
It's the only view i've got, sister,
How Jesus died for you and me

Come on down, girl, won't you sit by me,
I'm just a lonely sinner, hoping for the Lord's mercy
I thought I was the bee's knees, I thought I'd won the toss,
I should have read the small print on the cross

Chorus B

Walking in the Garden of Gethsemane, in the cool of the day
No hicksters no tricksters no enemies,
Or that's what the Good Book says
But they pinned him to the nearest tree so he could end his day
With a view, you get a good view from the Cross

Did you hear the cock crow? thrice on the dot
Did we *know* the Galilean, of course we did not.
Peter's face in the firelight, talk about guilty and lost
There's a man gotta topsy turvy view of the cross

Regular Chorus

Don't block my view of the cross, brother,
There's a green hill far away
Jesus said to love one another,
Or look pretty foolish come judgment day

Lean against me, girl, say you love me too
You dont have to mean it, coz I'm so crazy 'bout you:
A woman like you at a good man's side: 
Gates of Heaven open wide, Gabriel blow his trumpet and in you glide,
A one-woman view of the cross.

Verse - Morning has broken, harsh words been spoken,
New sermons smokin' all over town:
I like her style, I crave her smile
I fear her good-Greek-wife-frown
... And the legs on that woman, make a preacher lay the Good Book down.

Backstory: When I agreed to play, it was for the Mrs Vicar at the time of whom I was very fond and still miss. 
I mentioned to a few of the faithful that I was composing a 'churchy' song especially for the event. Knowing me, they got nervous and so one evening at one of my quiet tavernas where I occasionally strum, they cornered me and asked to hear it. They were pleasantly surprised.
I also played some of Hank's religiosi tragoudi - Jesus is Calling, The Rugged Cross, Bloodstains - the good ones.

'Fingers' Ozanne - The school where I was confirmed had a sad figure of a chaplain, always somehow taking after-game showers and missing no opportunity to touch us up - rather as, years later, I'd test a girl's beddability by brushing her hand to make a point, or touching her shoulder as I eased past to order another round. One knows in an instant if they like to be touched.
At the next school concert I aired my new air:
"Just been Confirmed, the worm has turned,
My Saviour's hand on my nervous knee,
Yea, tho' I shower in the valley of death,
His keen gaze watches over me:
(E min) I play the game in weather foul,
He's always there with a draping towel,
Whispering chasuble, embroidered cowel,
Hosanna in the highest! Lights-out prowl
Halleluya! I'm Confirmed!"

No-one could quite touch me but it was a catchy melodie and 'Fingers' never quite escaped the low hummed chorus when he did his rounds. First poof I'd come across.

05 July 2013


Post-xmas/new year exercise to kick off 2014 right. 
Interesting post material for when the Muse re-appears.

thief in the night - good companion for the Cee Lo luluthia stench

  • 'Klepsimo se stil tou Elgin' fake title for a flower
    • good link to aid further reading - http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=7097235#editor/target=post;postID=3587799773512639905;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=6;src=postname
    • The notebooks I filled during my conscientious five years and eight months dutiful attempt at caregivery. They are, in fact, of course precise records of thwartery, treachery, high-handed ignoring of anything that didnt absolutely fit the mistress/peon lifestyle.
    • Gyaku Gire blenches and stenches throughout.
    • Every page a sad record of theft ~ of time, of self-confidence, of self-esteem, of property (of course), of manners ... 

    I read through these and the sadness was unbearable. What would I have said to that sad servile 60-year old? No idea. I read the pages with pity and despair. 

    The pages reek with denial - could i not see what was being done to me? (Tee hee, the fool. Too late now, balance of mind lo-o-ng gone) The double theft of my daughters' heirloom jewels? The appalling gardenry duty - almost every day on the treadmill of futility, with further buffeting from endless blah-blah-blah hobby dronings ad murderous nauseam  as if dealing with some common criminal sentenced to brisk re-education as an 'under-gardener'. 

    I have no cufflinks or tie pins left to leave my girls and their eventual partners. I bought a white shirt requiring cuff-links. In my 'elginiasmos' Will - theft befitting the Lord Elgin filch - I specify this shirt for my coffin close-up. 

    Also the empty jewel box that housed gifts from my daughters, the contents tipped into my larger velveteen jewels holder for easier transportation to Villa Thefty  

    Funny. It only cost me one theft to recognise the treasures and clothing that would be packed away for pressing on the Theftois.

    Favourite pullovers that I actually heard described as too small for me or not fashionable or simply never seen worn hence must be of no interest.

    In the end, I'd let everything be removed and concealed in a trunk that always harboured 'donations'. A few days before the grand arrival, retrieve my goodies, replace with a few greasy T-shirts, cheap ball-point pens, pirated CDs of cheap pop, rusty tools etc etc and slink away with the real stuff. Funniest of all, these were unilateral gift-packages put together with the best will but invariably completely ignored and left throughout the stay in their plastic bag at the bottom of the guest stairs.  

    04 July 2013


    Murderer of James Bulger, Jon Venables, is 'freed'.

    "But to keep his true identity secret the killer will require full identity documents, training on his fake “backstory” and support from probation officers, as well as a new home funded from the public purse."


    Remember the 'Saki' short story, 'The Hounds of Fate'? H.H. wrote it right. I sense some fun here with Jonno and his 'backstory'.

    Butter fingers ~ Sloppy work to date by the 'Net sleuthery. Very disappointing.

    Socks up and deliver ~ Let's hope there're some new kids on the block who'll pull their socks up and this time deliver.

    Actually get the job done instead of faffing around as everyone's been doing these past years.

    Cut this σιγά-σιγά crap

    "Venables and Robert Thompson were 10 years old when they abducted, tortured and killed two year-old James in Bootle, Merseyside, in February 1993, leaving his battered body on a railway line."

    So we've got two quarry back in the news ~ Venners and Madders.

    I must say, jolly bravo and hip hooray to the McCann parents for keeping Madeleine to the fore.

    As for Vengate, trouble is that not enough has been made of top-line SEOs, plus there's been a pathetic dearth of key words and clue-spread. Search engines have moved on since Jimmie B first bought it on the railway track but we're all still stumbling around in the Dark Ages like PC Plods.

    I bet Venables and his prissy government minders have made many bishes but we've been too thick to catch on. Spaz: Too scared of the D-notice mystique, I'll wager.

    I tell you, when Venables is finally flushed and makes his run for it, there will be egg on red faces. It's gone on too long.

    • Porned parolee, no safeguards - Venables
    • Parole or 'freedom'? Which is it? Sydney Morning Herald seems to think it's another stab at Parole. Either way, it's fun to think of all the 'backstory' manoeuvres he'll go through, the  sudden silence when something in conversation sounds a little too convincing. 
    • What's needed is a Climate of Suspicion, a war-time awareness so that people automatically think * chap in his 30s * 'backstory' a little too good (I love that word, so dramatic) * a year or two to account for * over-protests when the lads all josh about porn.
    • James' mum, Denise Fergus
    • BULGER PÈRE FEARS -  for an innocent being mistaken for Venal Balls and being worked over or even wasted. Actually, damn'd good point.


      03 July 2013

      Early early London folk scene

      Remarkable film from 1967. If i hadnt been in France at the time I too might have been in one of the clips. I hung around there all the time - quick Tube down the Metropolitan line from Preston Road and then back on the milk train. 

      Actually, a stunning bit of film that encourages one to wonder just how much more is out there.

      01 July 2013

      ANXIOUS? DEPRESSED? (Try Greek philosophy)

      Someone who loves me sent this interesting piece

      I shove these things up to keep the blog 'interesting' and 'eclectic'. 

      "How 2,000-year-old words of wisdom transformed Jules Evans' life and equipped him to help others solve their modern-day problems."