30 July 2013


Sidle ~ Folks shuffle up to me, autograph albums a-thrust, and ask "Chris, how do you do it? You like own the zeitgeist, age-wise you're the Crypt Keeper but still you ogle and imbrogle.

All the cool ones. "And your blog ~ you got all the cool ones."

I tell them Fie! Doh! By the fourth fret Augmented 7th of Argo! Listeneth to me not?  I steal them all from Jocular James ~ I'm just a Jimmy Reed shakin' inna wind ... I keep tellin' ya, follow da Potts man.
And they go,
Donnish - "Dither, wimper, blanch - but El Lanko's so donnish and polite and nice and I don't dare engage him in conversazione sans my English Major diploma jutting from my push-up bra ..."   
Et bien loipn sapristi tiens alors - they leave the field clear.

Rise at sparrow fart, check out CorfuBlues, post the morning's plagiarisms .

Positive rockschrift today ~

Rockin' Bones - tempting tweak of the Ronnie Dawson classic into 'Bonkin' Runes'.

Mama Rock - Johnny Power unleashes his closet Oedypussy.

Leroy - how a song should start with that ah-oom chorus and Fonzie biker shot.

Neil Sedaka ~ I Go Ape ~ This is so familiar that I convince myself that I twisted to it in the upstairs Hurstpierpont kitchen with the brave little maids who dared the sack to cavort with the likes of Dyer-Smith and Greensted II. But when i check dates i was too young and certainly too cowardly. My role was to keep guard, I recall, and a burning memory of coming up the stairs and Greensted had Carol bent over the rail, his hand deep in her pants while holding hers down his.

I'd heard a deep, Masterly voice and had swung into action, up to alert the swingers and then down to where i'd laid out my music and guitar, ready to sit down and go into a serious Dowland. It'd been no-one for the Greensted incident but when it had been a prefect or master there'd been kerfuffle moving my music and them stepping over me, meanwhile asking what I was doing there. My reply was that the acoustics were the best. Also, those stairs were a black hole in the school rules, not actually covered as out of bounds and the Head was fair enough to allow me to continue.  Rather topographically Greek. Also, the Head's wife once came round and heard me playing Elizabethan Serenade.

Aint I'm a Dog - landsakesalive! thought it was the Big Bopper talkin' to me.

The Train Kept A' Rollin' - Johnny Burnett. Right on! Sexeh! Lookit them legs and them tight little asses going tick-tock. Lord have merceh - there was more sex going on oop t'screen than all the shy fakeroo these days. Talkin' of JB, had a lovely little friend in Hong Kong, 16 on the dot and we'd fool and flounder til a blubbery-lipped bully called Rob turned up and took her away for a right seeing to. Never saw her again; well i saw her but she never looked my virginal way again. Dead ringer for Burnett in this clip - confident lecherous and grabby.

Wanda Jackson - gone right off Brenda Lee in her heatiest, Miss Wanda is the real thang. Whew! Can you imagine the studio bosses lining up for a piece of the action? Reckon she'd be too hot for those dudes, just stand by the mic with their hats in their hands. Trust the Prof to sneak this into the tutorial.

A fine collection.


Anonymous said...

The donnish stuff is just a front.

Rock 'n' roll is here to stay.

Corfu Bluesman, Dorset Newsman said...

Maybe you could add the links for the last few songs?

I've added Fujiyama Mama to complete my canon of juke-box masterpieces.

Play LOUD and forget the finger-picking!