04 July 2013


Murderer of James Bulger, Jon Venables, is 'freed'.

"But to keep his true identity secret the killer will require full identity documents, training on his fake “backstory” and support from probation officers, as well as a new home funded from the public purse."


Remember the 'Saki' short story, 'The Hounds of Fate'? H.H. wrote it right. I sense some fun here with Jonno and his 'backstory'.

Butter fingers ~ Sloppy work to date by the 'Net sleuthery. Very disappointing.

Socks up and deliver ~ Let's hope there're some new kids on the block who'll pull their socks up and this time deliver.

Actually get the job done instead of faffing around as everyone's been doing these past years.

Cut this σιγά-σιγά crap

"Venables and Robert Thompson were 10 years old when they abducted, tortured and killed two year-old James in Bootle, Merseyside, in February 1993, leaving his battered body on a railway line."

So we've got two quarry back in the news ~ Venners and Madders.

I must say, jolly bravo and hip hooray to the McCann parents for keeping Madeleine to the fore.

As for Vengate, trouble is that not enough has been made of top-line SEOs, plus there's been a pathetic dearth of key words and clue-spread. Search engines have moved on since Jimmie B first bought it on the railway track but we're all still stumbling around in the Dark Ages like PC Plods.

I bet Venables and his prissy government minders have made many bishes but we've been too thick to catch on. Spaz: Too scared of the D-notice mystique, I'll wager.

I tell you, when Venables is finally flushed and makes his run for it, there will be egg on red faces. It's gone on too long.

  • Porned parolee, no safeguards - Venables
  • Parole or 'freedom'? Which is it? Sydney Morning Herald seems to think it's another stab at Parole. Either way, it's fun to think of all the 'backstory' manoeuvres he'll go through, the  sudden silence when something in conversation sounds a little too convincing. 
  • What's needed is a Climate of Suspicion, a war-time awareness so that people automatically think * chap in his 30s * 'backstory' a little too good (I love that word, so dramatic) * a year or two to account for * over-protests when the lads all josh about porn.
  • James' mum, Denise Fergus
  • BULGER PÈRE FEARS -  for an innocent being mistaken for Venal Balls and being worked over or even wasted. Actually, damn'd good point.


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