17 July 2013


Rather a good effort by Team Grapevine:
  • Three young varlets nicked a Wii gizmo from Scooby's Bar in Sidari.
  • The thieves are apparently staying at the Palm Grove.
  • The filch was instantly reported on the Vine and photos included.
  • In a trice they were traced and confronted and the Wii retrieved.
  • They are here until Monday July 22, so everyone is determined they meet with frowns and suspicion wherever they go - Sleepless in Sidari is the plan for this bunch of blackguards.
  • I'm down the airport on Monday, I wonder what flight they're on? 

I might raise a ruckus if I see them, warn ground crew and admin there be filcheurs afoot.

Grisly sight - skeletal tea-leaf


According to the Grapevine, the lads have done a bunk from their 'Palm Grove' lodgings which they also robbed - see GV posting below.

Hero Backpacker was the one who nailed them to justice in the first place. 
  • "These people have robbed palm grove as well now and fled the resort, lots of alcohol and other items stolen"

Carl Backpackerboy "These guys are back on the wanted list after robbing their own hotel and moonlighting in the night. If anyone sees them around the airport today, any help stopping them appreciated"

FUGITIVE ~ Things getting interesting. Word has it they are not due out 'til the Gatwick flight next Monday 22nd. That's a long time for them to be dodging the cops and tenacious Viners. My bet is that they've high-tailed it out of Dodge and are heading south of the Mason-Hadrian to snoozy backwaters like Kovtokoli where we quiet folks don't get to meet this kind of excitement. I shall print a Wanted poster just for the Navigators.

CCTV - examine the CCTV photos of the theft that Sue Butchart cool-headedly lost no time putting out and hence ensured an early thwarting of these hot-heads.

Susan Butchart's number is as valid now as when she listed it in her first alarum - 6983459364 .

So is your local police number. Any bar or taverna keeper will assist.

Newsflash - this just in, 1515hrs July 18: " ... these people have managed to get on an Easyjet flight and are about to land at Gatwick. Interpol have been notified." Interpol, indeed. Wheels and butterflies.


"My dear Watson - chill. I have my methods."



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