25 July 2013

MY KERKYRA ~ Summer 2013

Absolutely splendid Spring/Summer issue of My Kerkyra - your Kerkyra if you're on the ball.

Ideal for:

  • Coffee table
  • All guest rooms
  • Loos
  • Glove compartment of the Roller
Articles in this issue include:

Noble interview by Irene Vlachou with His Honour, Mr Spiros Spirou, our Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands.

Palaio-K ~ One of many fine articles by the prolific and literate Natassa Dafni ~ surely a jewel in the CorfuPress crown ~ this one on our belovèd Palaio, of Consul Forte fame and rumoured home-crib of Alkinoos Rex.

Cool contact numbers - essential for us all.

Corfu - Heaven on Earth. What sounds to be a heavenly must-buy video ~ perfect gift and souvenir - listed as available here from Corfu Press but I couldn't see it.

Mind you, the video is also listed under kerkyra.eu which suggests I "Buy this domain - The name (domain name) kerkyra.eu is for sale", so go figure.

Discover Ionia ~ Corfu ~ Paxos ~ Kefalonia ~ Zakynthos ~ Ithaca ~ Lefkas

Tsitsibirra - our very own nectar of Nausicaa

Horse Riding ~ and other hobbies. Explore the versatile link.

Glorious and glossy ~ A sassy and snappy mag I make sure to seize off the news racks the moment it appears.

Caveat ~ a few misleading links, such as the resuscitation of the much-missed Durrell School, but otherwise you're good to go.

* Bravo Editor-in-Chief, Thomas S. Kitsaros, for a fine feat of consistent quality and an eye for for the right story.

Speaking of staying ahead of the curve, I can't wait to see the definitive job the MK team make of our island's fine crafts-personnes d'art.

They're already well trumpeted in the Kerkyra chapter of Facebook and that ever-glistening jewel, The Corfu Grapevine, but it's words that count, isn't it?
  • Who's in and who's tactlessfully 'out'. (My dear, the sulks, stamps and the tantrums! Three stars for 'Dafnila by Dawn', pointed thumbs-down for 'Chick on a Donkey'.)  
  • The gushes and crushes, the raves and the razor-jobs - and, my favourites, the delectable damnings with faint praise
Oh poh poh, not to mention 'poh poh', if this isn't the island for inter-necine nobblings, I never sailed with Jack Sparrow.
But I digress.

To pluck but a few of the Right Stuff from the sulphorous thin air ~
  •  Book-binder élégante, Olga Tseflika and la suprema, Victoria Drew 
  • Trinketière and entrepreneuse artistique, Angela Wicker.
  • Caroline Philp, whose Kyma treasure-trove wave of wonders defies superlatives and about whom I shall one day crow, "Told you so!" as the auctioneer's gavel thumps down on, "Million and half guineas. 'Ronja and frisbee en vol'; gouache; 110 x 79. Sold to Prince Abdulaziz." 
It'll leave a nuisance of a hole in the west wing but I'll have Benson move the Lowry a smidgeon to the left and swap the Donald Friend for the unconvincing Dali. 
Bags of arty-farty folks who've washed up in Corfu, perfect for Tommy Katsaros and his crew to sink their quills into.

Great magazine. Zinging with the Corfu zeitgeist.

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