06 January 2006

Italy: "Tons of snow"

pete in snowThis time last year, I was chez frère (The Man, right) in sunniest Yuletide Tuscany, narry a snowflake in view.

This year, when I'd have loved to have been playing snowtrapper, I'm trapped in Seattle job search as Europe is blanketed under far from negligible neige.

Even before Christmas, my motoring bro' was sending dramatic pics from his doughty Merc, including this one as he braved the Alps. alpine driving

"As I climbed, it got colder, icier and there were fewer and fewer cars.

"They obviously knew something that I was too thick to realise.

"Looking down the ravine as the car slipped towards it isn't a nice feeling.

Just made it through.

If I had left half an hour later, I reckon I would have spent the weekend in the Alps."

I took it for a black & white shot 'til I spotted red of the traffic sign.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, blanketed.

"Well, tons of snow and of course we are snowed in, but also no electricity for all day."

"Of course I am now getting a little nervous in case I can't get Mum to the airport but have chained the Panda and left it halfway along the road from whence I know I can get out.

"C nervous, too, as we are leaving the next day and would prefer to have a day or two free before going to tidy up and rest our gross bellies.

"Very unsatisfactory going on holiday with a large gut and pickled innards. Oh well, can't be helped.

"Of course, the design work I'd intended to have done before leaving, hasn't been.

Will have to bring it with me to the Philippines."