26 September 2014

back stabbers ... rather good 'corfu blues' motif. rather good sound.

25 September 2014

people come n they see me thriving n they look for the famous flagon of Alcool zand they see teresa and they go 'so ...? whither simpsonia?" 

virus bug. not that i care but just sayin' 

mazher minced - as i say, i crossed swords with this rattler over jerry sandford. good to see him netted. there be some out there with heavier revenge to extract so we'll see how the dice roll. leo clancy knows what im talking about; helen B. too
ice berg tip, i'm sure. filth flub, hand in the persecution till. so what's new? theyre never brought to account, its chance caseskike like this but joe publiwque dont give a dammnm. 

a sam bush goody. take yer pardners. lovely stuff 

coolissimo - raptor chase

clever Hammett, anyone?

24 September 2014

21A - im sure the nice lady at the landlords has fed me this before ... ok, i guess. maybe a leaden hint, as the porter suggests. london now costlier rentals than hongkong i read some place. all grist for t'mill.  

23 September 2014

it's official ~ the onlie way IS ESSEX

Charlotte Higgins - let's see if i can pull this off despite my zapped optic nerve. ive forgotten how to edit in blogger so it might be patchy. i've scored a facebook hit with my  posting of the wonderful Balliolene higgins' use of euripedes' medea. not hard to understand when my faithful followership is so largely blighty babes hitched to adonoi griks: i quote me: "i read to mrs R from charlotte higgins' wonderful 'its all greek to me', from euripedes medea. mrs R has had her share of new laws etc. she sits in bemused silence. "give me that book!" she says finally. 
"a foreign woman coming among new laws, New customs, needs the skill of magic to find out what her home could not teach her. How to treat the man whose bed she shares. And if in this exacting toil we are successful and our husband does not struggle under the marriage yoke, our life is enviable. Otherwise, death is better. If a man grows tired of the company at home, he can go out and find a cure for tediousness, we wives are forced to look to one man only. And they tell us we at home live free from danger, they go out to battle : fools! i'd rather stand 3 times in the front line than bear one child." The delightful ms higgins adds her own author comment - "Go sister!". such a good book 

CRAIG BROWN FUNNY AS EVER. Bron waugh once described him to me as the best parodish he knew

MAGDA AND HER PINK PALACE HOTELShttp://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g1191902-d264028-Reviews-The_Pink_Palace-Agios_Gordios_Corfu_Ionian_Islands.html ... 

22 September 2014

BRIT BAD MANNERS ... always know'd it n said so

HOT BLAIR - i'm frankly surprised to see the disgraced discredited poodle blair given a platform anywhere for his irrelevant wafflings.  

21 September 2014

someone helpful in maman's landlords sending me pointed updates in re her pee'd a terre ... mais qui? poios;

15 September 2014

CHARLOTTE HIGGINS/It's all Greek to me ~ "Not a love letter to ancient Greece ... rather, a love letter to the act of thinking about ancient Greece  

OAKLEY HOUSE - friendly chat with helpful gal with maman's landlords. also rendezvous with some old booksy pals, hopefully next wk in the Antelope. all seems so distant.  

hachette - letter to readers

as an ex-amazonian, a topic close to my heart.

hatchets out over hachette

13 September 2014


are u getting the wondrous kaliroe? i'mhaving a Raoul-binge and remembering that scally-wag and playing the wonderful sounds he gave to my life. 

12 September 2014


looks funny; looks good.
dorset rocks, forgot post it, bloody eyea

DORSET ROCKS!  LANKY JIM KNEW THIS ALL ALONG. bloody CAPS. bloody eyes, more like. blind today, bare see postolero pistorius on the box collect his tkt to clinky sans passing go. he'll be better greeted than rolfie, tho' 

10 September 2014

art of marjorie holmes in her last months when she was bedridden, my mother liked to gaze over her brilliasnt drawings. preciently, in her final month sh decvided to sort ythe besdt of ythe very best and we insulated n bubbl wrapped them tucked them away. ive been insulating them again against ther weather n dust n marveling at their beauty. ythr bulk of thre drawingsd are also safe n dry but its interesting to think that this video boastsd the artist's own choice. music by a uk duo who entertained us at a private concert. enjoy. ch

07 September 2014


drat spam. my readership moans that the quality of roobish im sendingt out is getting worse.

latest gmail spam seems to be this, if ive copied it right.
sorry. things fraught here but weather sunnying up - tootlepip. must rush to met aomeone evaluating the clunky laura knight painting prop that rumor hath was promised to susie catweazle but, as i keep saying, ever since i was tipped orf that maman told S everything , and i hooked up the puter to tap the landline 24/7, i never heard any call or convo of mum even mentioning the easel intended for susie q -nor was any reference to art materials or marbled art papier "all in writing". very rum, including ythe precise wherabouts of the juggernaut easel. im having it evaluatyeed for provenance n e-baylability. all very sneaky.  

06 September 2014


my aorldwide family readership watches me like a hawk and comments as if it was still Moscow Rules (thanks le CarrĂ©). 
since my stroke im slower n more strategic, storing up links for when i 'strike'.

good links when i see them, covering the water front, from easel Knievel suzanna catweazel to thefti pieces of work and will o'wisp Wills.  
siga siga

04 September 2014

02 September 2014

WILL - i really must stop reading the express but this is a pertinent article. [link to be inserted, from daily express. if i cant manage it, look to a subseaquent post in 45 secs

ive come a cropper from a less than thorough Will, as have i protected myself with a cast-iron one with names, photos, google earth addresses, precise dates and descriptions etc etc. Of course, it also helped that i 'anticipated' fall-out and 'rearranged the deck chairs' before the legal beagles got started. also, a close friend of my mother's to whom maman tol everything astutely warned me of trouble looming oop 't mill  by pretty well describing everything that would happen ... giving me time to sort thru the crown jewels before even anything was official. - including announcing plans for the catweazel easel that still awaits collection. so much for all the huffing and puffing and blowing jewel bos down. but piece of work to peace of work, so no huge egos dented ... everyone should revisit their Wills on an annual basis.  

01 September 2014

PLEBGATE-GATE ~terribly funny. shock horreur - la verite ... unheard of. on yer bikes, filtheroos - tee hee