07 September 2014

drat spam. my readership moans that the quality of roobish im sendingt out is getting worse.

latest gmail spam seems to be this, if ive copied it right.
sorry. things fraught here but weather sunnying up - tootlepip. must rush to met aomeone evaluating the clunky laura knight painting prop that rumor hath was promised to susie catweazle but, as i keep saying, ever since i was tipped orf that maman told S everything , and i hooked up the puter to tap the landline 24/7, i never heard any call or convo of mum even mentioning the easel intended for susie q -nor was any reference to art materials or marbled art papier "all in writing". very rum, including ythe precise wherabouts of the juggernaut easel. im having it evaluatyeed for provenance n e-baylability. all very sneaky.  

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