28 November 2014

how 2 walk

WORST WAYS. useful reference

BOTCHGATE - TIPOTA and i only post this as my age-old ... 'wariness' of El Ploddo. ignore me; it's entirely personal.

Another brick in the wall. purely patient and personal, beyond the plebgate farce and all it sums up.
VINGATE - whoah! i wanna see this movie

BIG FRIDAY BUST-UP - Whitey goes pleb-loco, scrappin' for his microwave oven and chicks fo' free

27 November 2014

bit of howlin to rid the stink of mitchellgate. 

disappointed. mitchell DID out the filth as plebs. i'll shut up, then. til the next time. 

26 November 2014

pumped up and pompous - pumpedgate. we're moving perilously near toffgate huits back - . tumbrils will roll. 

25 November 2014

plebgate 2 - blunkgate - except blind pugh sefined non-U and all my pals on the speccie complaind n mocked how she mewled n mauled n pussy whipped his sorry ass. 

PLEBBY TEMPER - uh ohh, don't sound good. Sounds like our lad was prone to plebby tantrums. I hate to let the Filth off the hook but ....

24 November 2014

21 November 2014

my latest new best band. remember the name, 1st-aid kit

Fruity Filthgate - descending to almost as farcical depths as those plumbed by the Met itself in its daily villainy. very fitting. 

19 November 2014

Lost inna blues. that's me, boys

plebgate - ignorant. of course the Filth didnt know what it meant, he's an ignorant pleb. im much cheered the way the wheels are grinding slow and humiliating. no one will be called to account because they'll close ranks but at least it's coming out and more people are seeing what goes on within the grunting midian hosts. 

17 November 2014

PLEBGATE LIBEL CASE MOVES SLOWLY APACE: excellent news. siga siga and out with the dirty tricks laundry. May Fibgate foil the Filth yet and the findings be widely and publicly reported. A space to watch and noise abroad. 

13 November 2014

mazher mamood cornered - wish i was back in the saddle when this sidewinder was in our sights, jeremy sandford and the other scribblers n PPC stalwarts. i pray he gets the deservèd duffing  

11 November 2014

fake chic. the reptilian mazhur will feel his collar felt yet. i n many will not regret; in fact i wish i swere there to pile on the evidency, whi ch wwe have in spades.

06 November 2014

04 November 2014

corfu promo. actually not bad

plodgate probe. u know how i generally feel about the Filth, in general, so i'll shut it. i cant anyway stick it to the fuzz like they can step in deep do-do theyselves. one to watch, no that they'll be btought to book. have us seen that lot? as oily a bunch as ever fibbed and faked. straight out of central castin dodger coppers.  

01 November 2014

the thing one did - and after only 2 weeks at my first 'grown-up' school, I stood alone in a lavatory, looked in the mirror, and made myself promise never to do 'this' to another human being.