02 September 2014

WILL - i really must stop reading the express but this is a pertinent article. [link to be inserted, from daily express. if i cant manage it, look to a subseaquent post in 45 secs

ive come a cropper from a less than thorough Will, as have i protected myself with a cast-iron one with names, photos, google earth addresses, precise dates and descriptions etc etc. Of course, it also helped that i 'anticipated' fall-out and 'rearranged the deck chairs' before the legal beagles got started. also, a close friend of my mother's to whom maman tol everything astutely warned me of trouble looming oop 't mill  by pretty well describing everything that would happen ... giving me time to sort thru the crown jewels before even anything was official. - including announcing plans for the catweazel easel that still awaits collection. so much for all the huffing and puffing and blowing jewel bos down. but piece of work to peace of work, so no huge egos dented ... everyone should revisit their Wills on an annual basis.  

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