04 February 2011

How now, browned-off Bercow?

"She's hardly known as a shrinking violet, but this time even Sally Bercow may have overstepped the mark.

Naked, save for a sheet to protect her 'modesty', the Speaker’s wife gazes provocatively into the camera for an extraordinary photo taken in the shadow of Parliament.

Worse, in a racy magazine article, she then details the Bercow bedroom secrets, explaining how husband John’s lavish grace-and-favour apartment in the Palace of Westminster has spiced up life between the sheets.

Embarrassment: Sally Bercow's latest antics could be the nail in her husband's coffin as Speaker [Please, yes - Ed]

Mrs Bercow was amused by the description of her as the Carla Bruni of Westminster

‘I never realised how sexy I would find living under Big Ben with the bells chiming,’ Labour-supporting Mrs Bercow gushes.

Then, making the grand and rather unlikely claim that she is seen as the 'Carla Bruni of British politics', the 41-year-old extols the virtues of politics as an aphrodisiac."

Marvelous cartoon in the Telegraph

"Phew it's just a ghost. For a moment, I thought it was the Speaker's wife."

  • STORM IN A BEDSHEET - there's a run-dont-walk adult movie I'd scuttle to the Orfeus to see; pulp porn I'd pluck from the Plousios shelves.

    kevin blumer said...

    its not very english she should stick to politics i wounder if it was just a bit publicity for her self so people know who she is and then if she gets divorced she has something to fall back on

    Corfucius said...

    shrewd point. ya know? i think she is just a playful girl who likes some fun and forgets herself. this sort of publicity is rubbish and counter-productive.

    alas, she is already a joke and, double alas, not at all attractive and too gangly with it.

    her simian husband is already mocked and loathed so they are on a hiding for nowt.

    i ran the post to balance my obsession with including hot under-age ladies. i did not for a moment think it had any value.

    thanks for spotting and replying.

    gunghei fat choi, my friend