31 January 2011

Dullness Gag

  • Well-known bore wins appeal to prevent crashing tedium being revealed

  • League of Tedium
  • Blog bore wins new gagging order over alleged non affair because he had already been outed as sending everyone asleep over a previous posting outside his on-going boring blog.

    The 'personality', who is a complete nonentity and has-been of yesteryear, applied for a publicity booster after learning that no-one gave a fuck about him and there wasnt a hope in hell of him being given ink for being excruciatingly dull on a first, second or third occasion.

    The injunction was overturned but the Bore, demanding to be known by his real name, appealed and the Court of Appeal today ruled that he was too much of a nonentity to be identified.

    In his judgement, Lord Neuberger, the Master of the Rolls, said that the "crucial factor" was that stories involving similarly irreloevant allegations by equally simpering nobodies had been published ad previous nauseam.

    "If we permitted this pathetic creature's identity to be revealed without instructing editors to wait for a very very dull news day, then it would be all too easy for the media and members of the public to deduce the jaw-dropping dullness of the personality and simply turn the page, switch off the tele, or boot out."

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