02 January 2011

100 Most Beautiful Words

All I need do is post this and step back ...



'Ace' Baddeley in uppity mood, coming over commentical as is his wont.


"Enough of this wordery.

What about Jason and the argot?"

By the Cresta of Cremutius Cordus! One arbre-evading slither down a snowy slope and these Generation Silvers are suddenly "'Nuff off verbal wankery - Pah! Where's that woman? Carrie, onward to Base Camp 3.

Where we's going we don't need sleds!"

Carrie [for it is she]:

"Sweetie darling, is that really wise?"

[Note how accurately the poet captures the voice and dulcet tone of Madame Ace]

"Extroadinary achievement. A triumph of oldie agility made a paean to snowboredom thanks to the author's genius for distilling the latent dullness from each dramatic slide.

Watch out for cameo appearance by Silvio Berlusconi coming a cropper atop his customised board, 'Rosebud Jailbait' (€2000 + blingy necklace, from a high school near you)

Worth borrowing only for its marvelous portrayal of The Wife.

Humdinger of a role for Ms Streep, but Central Casting will be hard pressed to plumb the depths of its Rolodex to come up with feckless enough an 'Ace' Baddeley." ~

TLS (incorporating Dun Sleddin')]


Coming soon ~ a dedicated page to all the sassiest of Sinbad's super submissions.

The lad sends in corrective comments and often clever links ...

I shall be pooling them so all YOU lot have to do is log in here to the Confulminator, click on Badass and voila, the good stuff.

First off ~

"On words again. I'd forgotten this MP sketch Good and Woody"
A propos de quoi, I in turn was reminded of this amuse-bouche.


Simon Baddeley said...

What about ugly words? Is it their meaning, construction or sound that makes them so?

Corfucius said...

That, Grasshopper, is for YOU to decide. Discuss.

i would think sound. i had a workmate who would freak at 'moist'.

and do u remember jamie lee curtis who got turned on by italian - in that cleese movie. kevin thingy starts reciting dishes which is all he know - tagliatEHlle, bolgnAYzee, prosciutto,etc

by which time the comely jamie has dropped to his knees and is tugging at his cod piece.

Simon Baddeley said...

Enough of this wordery. What about Jason and the argot?

Simon Baddeley said...

On words again. I'd forgotten this MP sketch "Good and woody...."


Corfucius said...

wonderful! im going to start a page of Best of Badass and plonk your excellent suggestions in. that way people can head for corfucius - 'oh my god, youre not going to *that* wankery, are you?'

'certainly not! But he has this wundahful page of that chap baddeley's reahlly good URLs - make his Confartarse page look utterly wet.'

'brill. darling, we know baddeley don't we?'
'of course we do - clever donnish cove, snowboards with silvio'

'thats him'

and from me ...