17 January 2011

I would not have spotted this but for the wonderful WhatsUp-Corfu whose listings have transformed my days.


One shouldn't mock but click on the AA headline and look at the upper left spelling of '-mous' as in Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymus

~ -mus, by God ~ MUS ~

I mean that's the sort of thing *I** do, par exemple:

"Must finish AA website for the morning - or is it Al-Anon? Can never remember which is which.

Ah! That's where I left my cigs. Don't suppose I had a drink going - right, concentrate - touch of Campari and focus.

Anonymous - or is it two Ns? OK, I know it's total three Ns, what I mean is, is it two Ns after the A?

Nah, doesn't look right."

And so forth - but the idea of misspelling Anonymous just cracks me up.

Someone like me, Exhibit A tippler in obvious dire need of AA's ministrations ... summons up couraqe to admit to his own soakiness ... comes across details in helpful blog

("Blimey, this is the last place I expected to find anything actually useful")

Clicks on link - first thing he sees ~ they can't even spell fronking 'Anonymous' correctly.

'Verrr' enc'rr'g'ing'
[Really, this is how I slur after a fifth of Jim Beam]

'Don't reckon I'd get to Level 3 wi' thish lot.'

Contact details: AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)
(English-speaking group meeting)
Every Saturday at 18:30 in Corfu Town
Contact 694-489-4484 for more information.

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