10 January 2011


Gabrielle Giffords' bullet hits have baffled those who seem to think that a bullet to the head will do the job.


I have no intention of surfacing on a Grik gurney, half my bonce blown away and me looking a right git.

It's the trajectory, stoopid.

So plan it, like any Evel Knievel or Ken Block.

Rifle and chair?

  1. Check angle

  2. Ensure chair not one of those plastic ones that slip (like those on our patio)

  3. Clamp gun in vice so it holds tight


Jared LoughnerOh my effing Christ! This is the murderer Jared Loughner?

All I'd seen was that swivel-eyed hoody pic and the fresh-faced kid in a T-shirt - both looking around the 22 years mark.

This Charles Addams freak is scarey ... I mean, if I was a cop? And I saw this walking towards the fragrant Gabrielle??

Fu-u-ck ... boum! kaPOWW!

I wouldn't mince small chat over whether the punk felt lucky:

  • Gun it down
  • Answer t'Supe's questions plus tard.

    Defender ~ Interesting to see that Judy 'Una' Clarke has been hauled in to defend.

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    Simon Baddeley said...

    Gee! I'm going to have to report the use of inflammatory language on Corfucius...