12 January 2011

Greek Evangelical Community Centre

~ triumphant opening ~

I had my skates on because I wanted to send these photos to our former vicar, the saintèd Revd Clifford Owen.

This was the accompanying email text.

"Wonderful impressive opening of the Community Centre in Kondokali, occupying the former Astoria bakery opposite the Mercedes shop - convenient for popping in for a prayer and online confession ['Fadda, I have 3 error messages'] ... and then over the road to upgrade to hotter wheels.

It took place 1900hrs tonight and it is 2233hrs as I write because I want to speed these to Clifford who knew and was a good pal of Miltiades.

I wished M the usual kalo riziko and said that I was taking fotos to send to the Owens and he beamed and sent all love.

I am also bcc'ing others who were there who might be interested.

Not technically good fotos but good example of my hawk eye for catching the spirit of an occasion.

I usually go to these occasions to snap away and then append un-Christian mean-spirited captions of no truthfulness to the actual shot or action. Ce soir I could find nothing but joy and open-hearted friendship.

Do note the heavy hitter corner of priests - wonderful faces beards gestures."

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