13 January 2011

Jordan Rice

Remember that line in 'Saving Private Ryan' when Hanks's irregulars are going thru hell and peril to save pretty boy Matt 'Ryan' Damon because he's the last of several brothers and the president wants to save their mother the grief of losing all her babies.

Some bright spark points out that Ryan had better go ahead and invent electricity or sump'n to justify all the effort and deaths gone into pulling him back home.

Very good point, and I wouldn't be surprised if young Blake doesn't feel that way throughout his life ahead.

That Jordan is a good looking lad and his photo will look tragically handsome on the mantel piece for years to come.

Meanwhile, poor Blake need only slack from homework for one minute, or come home with bad grades, and nothing need be said, no shouts or gestures, just a slow burn mournful look over at the photo of the hero who gave his all that Blake might ... whatever he's going to do ...

"Hey, aren't you the bloke whose brother ...?"

"Died for me."

"That's the one ... struth, mate, that's a bonzer of a line.

How're you getting on with it?"

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