22 January 2011


Nah, mate, that wimpy shrimpy's not from anywhere near Down-Under.

" ... a bit of teasing about his nationality has led to a race row ... suing bosses after accusing colleagues of racist comments – including constantly greeting him with ‘G’day, sport’.

... on a ‘cocktail of anti-depressants’ ... asked fellow wardens to stop making Australian jokes, but they continued."

[My emboldenment]

Struth, wait til the Murdoch/Packer scribblers get hold of this ...

And no sooner said than ... the hawk-eyed Sinbad is right there with a HeraldSun link plus some suitably robust comments.

Blood oath! Talk about spineless of any breed or bracket - spazzetta Geoffreya Stephens would dishonour a sloth with his feebleness.

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Simon Baddeley said...

They have...

I reckon me and u could form a team like the good and the ugly in the pasta western. I'll sue for being teased for pronouncing 'off' "awf' and and you can sue for being arrested for murdering your tenants - and v.v.