20 July 2007


Top German band 'Bolt' were in town playing the Old Fort.

Lead guitarist Bastian turned out to be a schooldays pal of Tina's from their Frankfurt days and turned up at the cottage.

Shy boy but after a few tsiperos - and wincing at my own fretboard fumblings - grabbed the Ovation and showed us how it was done.


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rwells said...

so glad to see you back at the blog. that facebook stuff is way too much for me. On a similar note, I was doing my "profile," for blogexplosion and they asked for fave books, as they all do, and I typed in Moby Dick. (not that it's necessarily a fave, it just caught my eye on my "epics," shelf) When they posted my profile it was "Moby *bleep*." Reminded me of Amzn's bot that used to replace "nazi," with "german," much to the consternation of .de.