15 August 2007

How to be middle aged

Excellent albeit depressing Financial Times article on how to be a middle-aged man.

  • I *can* wear jeans - phew
  • I should *not* be on Facebook - bummer
  • I can't dance at parties - quite right, and I shall remind Lia of that this very afternoon
  • I can only get drunk with someone I love, and not on my own. No comment.
  • Can I have an affair with a woman young enough to be my daughter? "Ah, no," says Peter Aspden, "I'm not going there. Eros famously observes no rules. If you haven't learned that by now, you don't deserve to call yourself a middle-aged man."

    rwells said...

    Having navigated middle age without much of a crisis, and I hope few gaffes (perhaps due to being the oldest mate on the ship,) I now consider myself, um, ah, well, "older," anyway. Music: I have to admit, I come to a hard stop with Broooce - long may he waive. Though I hate to say it, Dylan should retire from the stage, and the Stones - well. Thank god Clapton has maintained his dignity, if not his taste. Post Springsteen pop/rock leaves me at sea. HipHop and Rap - oh, please, turn it down. As for dancing - the waltz, my dears, but skip the salsa craze - older white men should not embarass themselves so. Tango? After a certain age male tango dancers all look like consumptive lechers. Couldn't agree more with the time suck of FaceBook - my god, I'll be dead before I finish my profile, might as well quit now, and besides, I'm not going to meet girls. I could go on, but, finally: Living well remains the best revenge.

    Busker said...

    Wise young Rwells speaks. Confucius comes to Corfucius. Nice one.

    DD said...

    I know you have better things to do just now then babysit a blog, but I want you to know someone you don't even know back on BI is concerned for your safety and wishing you well.

    Busker said...

    what a nice comment, and from someone i dont even know. makes me want to go back to BI and *get* to know you.
    i am well. the fire damage is pretty much cleaned up. i have *finally* got over a certain person - even tho' i still cannot think about her or say her name out loud.