18 September 2011



Oh don't you love these tales of heroism and bravado?

Two intruders bust into a house, threaten a solo bloke; wife and kid return, pater naturally leaps to their defence, prongs one of the villains as t'other scarpers.

vince, rozzers, thiefPhoto left/right: Valiant Vince ~ Tea Leaf

Even better, the pronged pratt isn't killed outright but has time to think it over while being "given first aid by paramedics and attending officers."

'Died at the scene shortly after,' has to be the money line.

^5, homeowner hero, Vincent Cooke.

"Some local residents however [sic] have voiced support for the homeowner for defending his family and property."

WTF do they mean 'however'?

Oh boy, oh boy - good cold steel. I bet they got the scare of their lives, specially the bleeder who copped it.

I notice the filth are up to their usual tricks of imagining some blame to the homebody defender. There should be a fund ever present for this sort of thing, not just to make sure the Good Guy escapes further inconvenience but to STFU PC Plod and noise the coolness abroad pour beaucoup encourager les autres.

Hot damn! Where's my bourbon, where's my Bowie?

Flowers for the Thief: Get this, it gets better and better.

The bald baddie in the right-hand pic up there was called Raymond Jacob. As thuggish a looking cove one could hope to puncture.

'On Sunday afternoon relatives of Mr Jacob, of Northern Moor, Greater Manchester, laid flowers outside Mr Cooke’s home.

One read:

“To my baby boy who will always be my baby boy. I will miss you, but never stop loving you. Mum.”

[You know what? There's a heartening sight we don't see enough of - the crumpled features of crooks' nearests and dearests as payback time sinks in. There's the money shot, fo' sho'. Someone should pin copies up wherever these types congregate.]

But I digress.

Last night friends and relatives also left tributes for Mr Jacob social networking websites.

“Still doesnt feel real, cant believe your gone we will all miss you.” [sic] '

Some baby, some boy. And shouldn't it be 'miss you and never stop loving you'? One can do both, easy.

As for not believing the thug's gorn, I bet he was talking the job up and boasting about it in the boozer beforehand.

I want them to pull in Jacob's accomplice fast so he can simper out his side of the story. Love it! Mild-looking Vince sees off two bully boys. My dear, their faces ... and can't you just hear the chatter in the pub? Mister Tough Guy sliced and his bum boy sent packing.

Natty shooting - excellent vivid Youtube clip of some punk catching lead. Good no-nonsense stuff and rare footage of villain hitting the deck slap on.


Simon Baddeley said...

I see Gwyneth Paltrow sang Cee Lo Green's hit to the Duke of Edinburgh the other day. Hope you're well.

Corfucius said...

omg did she? wotta laff. i am well. very happy with someone. i need to post anew. a few things i need to shove on t'blog and a ton to keep off. thanks for being in touch.