13 January 2012


I shoulda titled it 'blues pour l'apostrophe' - seen the waterston's brouhaha? - but i'm after screen cred so i'm doing a double whammy ~

  • Focus groups nominate the use of 'buddy' as the sure-fire quickest ruse for a white boy to pose as the sorta real thing.
    [Memo to Anna: sweetie, can i say that i'm like 'down' on the blues? Thanks, mwah. Dont forget to write b&b letter to Ya-ya for christmas prezzies. Dont let me down, babe; i catch hell this end. Mwah! ~ Dad]

  • Use of Big Jim Potts' moniker, almost ostentation.

    Anyway, woke up this morning and decided to tootle into town and suck up to the money. Found a blues compilation i cut wayy back. Good disc to play after a war with
    the suits.

  • Bertha 'Chippie' Hill

  • Barbecue Bob (whose 'Motherless Chile Blues I tweaked back in '74 to sing at Cava Mitsos:
    "Goin' down Nissaki, get my hambone boiled,
    Them Acharavi wimmin, let my hambone spoil".

    Agathi laffed her pretty hips off when it was translated. Lord have mercy.

  • Sippie Wallace

  • Charlie Patton ... and of course, Bessie.

    Gosh Corfu is the perfect place to cruise 2 the blues, so i fell to thinking how cool it'd be to have the Prof riding shotgun, the two of us sipping on maman's moonshine and just listening silent, now n then going 'Yeah' or 'Shoot! That's phrase n a half'. Leave Big Jim to do all the Lawd Have Mercies, that being his territo'.

  • Broonzy ~ talk about a deceptively easy delivery.

    He just whispers that throw-away delivery of 'damper down'.

    When i was in hong kong, '64, i learnt tom rush's version, lyrics along these lines. Hadnt the faintest idea what they meant til an R&R Viet in a Wanchai bar laughed n told me whut for, played it the real way. Nineteen years old, lost a leg, offered me money to write a Dear John letter to his honey back in North Carolina.

    "You got the words, Chris. I want to send her something good."

    He was articulate in his own vocab, I asked him why, couldnt he do it no more? [which he could; charlie's shit-stick hadnt taken out his wedding tackle]

    I told him i'd take dictation n type it out and get his john hancock n mail it off, coz if i wrote it his babe would know he was shacking up with a fauntleregal faggot n then he'd really be for the high jump ... so to speak.

  • Corine ~ callin' callin' that exquisite lady. the church had a 'jass' concert and this wondrous beauteous tuneous songstress sang along to jim and raoul. Be still, my foolish heart.

    Big Jim begging C on my behalf not to go.

  • Groceries on the shelf - a good pal of mine in seattle talked of his family vacations n pulling into a Piggly Wiggly. Wonderful handling by Lucille Bogan

  • Dope Head - lor' lumme that's sexeh stock foto of some white chick. Lonnie on ace form as usual.

    Plenty more but i dont want to depress jimbo too much, over there reduced to wailing n plunking along to the local cloggies

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    Corfu Bluesman said...

    Knee deep in the mud, it's true.

    I'd better stick to Adge Cutler and the Wurzels or maybe The Yetties.

    Have to read your post again, it's got too many goodies for one sitting.