05 December 2014

TSIGOUNIS TALE Doggèd bastion of Old Boy's club - helen hassled

Tale of Hounding - see Tsigounis "If only it were just Dr Patel. There's another Queensland case, somewhat less publicised, because no-one died, but equally alarming. The Queensland Medical Board attempted to cancel the registration of Helen Tsigounis, claiming she had not satisfactorily completed her Townsville Hospital internship. On Ms Tsigounis' appeal, the Board was directed to extend her internship by a year (see Tsigounis v Medical Board of Queensland, QDC103). This despite an unnerving catalogue of potentially fatal errors and the court's acceptance of psychiatric evidence stating the appelant suffers from a paranoid personality disorder which renders her unable to distinguish correction from attack, and makes her incapable of learning through experience. How many more such cases are coming soon to a hospital near you? For those who wish to be further alarmed, Nicholas Shakespeare's article in June's The Monthly "Oh My God. He's Done It Again" should suffice."

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