15 June 2005

Broadband in Corfu

Email from longtime pal and fellow lumberjack Gwyn Headley, he of fotoLIBRA fame and the lovely Yvonne.

"We need to get away.

We have to go to Corfu to recreate some C19 pix uploaded to fotoLIBRA.

But we need broadband in Corfu, and we can’t find anywhere that has it!


As you know le tout Kerkyra, can you ask if anyone knows of an apartment with broadband to let for a week between now and end July?"

I reply, copying in Mum and Hilary Paipeti, the latter being the best bet, IMO.

Mum replies that:

"The admirable Mahmud is popping round Sunday afternoon to check my c'puter and I'm sure will give sound help/advice and so on and I'll also contact my Jon of Pelikas pal about your message.

Would love to meet them anyway.

The admirable Hilary ... may come out trumps if there is the least possibility of flogging a place ..."

Seems like Hilary is busy on property deals, so probably not worth counting on prompt or practical reply from *that* direction.

*Also*, now I think of it, I recall Mum extending a civil invitation via Hilary to her bloke, Harry, that he might like to come up to San Luca some time. HP's somewhat bizarre reply was that her bloke only accepted invitations delivered *personally*, i.e. we ask him *en personne*.

Well, phooey to *that* ....

I then email Saskia who responds by return, the darling:

"Would love to be able to help you keep your reputation as top notch 'negotiator' but I don't think I can.

What I have been able to find out if it's any help is that the Internet cafes in town will have broadband . If he
(your friend) has a Notebook with PCM PCI availability then he can buy a card here (costs about 250 euros I'm told) so that he can have access to Broadband and download and upload etc.

Finding an apartment with Broadband won't be easy, but 1st class hotels will probably (maybe?) have it. All this is gobbledegook to me, I phoned a knowledgeable friend!"

No response from mum so I email the stalwart Mahmood who replies with a prompt:

"Great to hear from you. Saw your mum last Monday and she looks well.

Re your request. we do have broadband in Corfu but it is limited to about 5 kms from Corfu town. I am trying to see who would be able to fit the bill and will let you know if I can be able to help you.

Would a hotel do?? Be in touch. Be good."

I reply thanking him and copy in Gwyn, and that's where we stand for now.

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