15 June 2005


In view of my good pals Yvonne and Gwyn Headley heading for Corfu, I feel this plug for the excellent fotoLIBRA is in order here.

By the by, Kerkyra-based readers - the reason why Corfu is being graced by the Headley presence is that the dynamic duo need to recreate some C19 pix uploaded to fotoLIBRA.

But they need broadband in Corfu, and they haven't yet found a rental apartment that provides it.

Nor have I been much help through my own extensive and powerful contacts. Thinking caps on, phili mou!

Anyone who knows of a rental with broadband to let for a week between now and end July, let me know via a comment, OK? Your reward will be great.

End of plug-'n'-plea.

Back to fotoLIBRA and two links contained in the latest newsletter from the energetic Jacqui Norman. Hmm, if I had GH's talent for hiring such hotshot help, I too could leave the store expertly attended and swan off to the Aegean:

  • Recent uploads
  • The recently-enabled Poster and Print service, which strikes me as tailor-made for Corfu camerati keen to make money out of their work.
    • Look above the thumbnails for the icon of a frame.
    • Click on the frame to see 22 top quality products you can buy from each image.

Check it out, register, add your own spectacular pics ... and do let's find them the perfect wired apartment.

Update, 8/8/05: Despite my fine words to Gwyn and so-called powerful contacts and intimate knowledge of Who's Who in Kerkira, and prompt replies by heroines like Saskia, I was not one jot of help to the Headleys and nor did any of the key folks over in Kerkira who are likely to have known the answer actually bother to respond.

So there's a moral for you, starting with don't place any store on what *I* pretend to think I achieve.


Anonymous said...

Please update your readers!
Did your friends find an apartment with broadband on that far away greek isle?

Busker said...

In the end they didn't go but no, they didn't find what they were looking for with broadband and nor was I any use in getting info' from friends and family.

Had they gone, no doubt they'd have used one of the burgeoning internet caf├ęs *or*, I like to think, one of my pals might have helped them out and let them use *their* facilities.

But seeing as how I totally failed to deliver the goods first time round, I'm not sure they'd have even have met up with anyone, which would have been the Corfiot lot's loss.