13 April 2007

"I'm Ass" Imus

Apart from rather envying his basso profundo American male voice, I've not listened to too much Don Imus.

But I heard his 'nappy hos' (or whatever) broadcast and you can hear the show grind to a halt as both presenters *know* something just got said but they're carrying on in the hopes that the heat won't go down.

But duude - the Imus looks as craggy 'n' old as the hills. I once saw a cartoon of a customer in a pub - clearly after a night on the tiles - groaning to the barman, "I feel like Keith Richards warmed up." Well, move over deathly Keef and give room to the grimly reaping Imus.

But *what* a to-do, what? How I'd have loved to have been a fly on Imus' fly as he "dialogued" with those Rutgers babes - ooooh, they must have enjoyed that and how the groveling Don must have loathed eating his words.

But I've learnt something, that 'nappy' refers to those dusky gazelless' tight coiffures - the kind my Spitfire daughter went thru a stage of yearning while doing her 'White Chicks and Gang Signs' stage and playing up her minute Chineseness over her parents' bland Akron-meets-Oz roots.

Oy veh!

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