22 April 2007

A-way in a Manager

Young lady to whom I teach guitar - yes, she did send me a nice pic, didn't she? - has also adopted Busker as Old Fart Mentor.

She started her first job the other day and phoned me in tears: one of the seniors was bullying her ... everyone, in fact.

"She isn't even in my department but she walks around being mean to everyone and acting like she is the president of us all."

A great man once nailed it, and I have not forgot the killer line.

"Leni," I said, "maybe not you but *someone* should remind her that "'You're A manager, you're not MY manager.' Try it, girl."

Ecstatic email later: "Xristos - amazing! Menelaos said it and we all applaused and the boss came out and asked what is the story and Mene told it and orli endaxi."

Cometh the hour, cometh the quote.