06 October 2007

File-share this!

This is probably the stoopidest confession - online, for all the world to sue - but I was genuinely taken aback to read of that lady being RIAADed for sharing a mere 24 music files.

I can't remember when I kitted up with KaZaA - at least at the tail end of the last century - since when I must have shared and snared literally hundreds if not thousands of music ancient and modern.

First off there was my own original CD collection of 500 or so. Then there was my subsequent surfing for all those teenage chansons one mooned over - Russ Hamilton, Jan and Dean, the Blue Diamonds, Burl Ives, Connie Francis, the list is endless - after which, the new stuff bought so painlessly over the years on Amazon and which I shoved up for the world's delectation.

The only reason I'm taking Jammie Thomas's $222,000 fine less than seriously is:

  • Jammie is a less than serious name
  • Duluth is a *definitely* less than serious sounding city for that jury to have sat in, let alone draw up a pronouncement on nicking muzak.

    I'm sorely tempted to amuse myself by hazarding a guess at what sort of tracks someone named Jammie might download for a mere $9,250 per ditty.

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