26 October 2007

Manitas de Plata

  • MdP, Reyes and Dali
  • Hands moving like doves.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for this video! Funny thing - I was just thinking of Manitas de Plata earlier today as I was watching a musician play solo guitar in the subway.
    I saw Manitas de Plata in concert in Israel about 30 years ago... Fantastic musician - hands of gold.

    All the best,

    'Saw Lady'

    Busker said...

    I was in Tours, France, in 1967 and he was appearing nearby. I was a snob - sabicas, carlos montoya - and said phooey, but my friend urged me so i went because she looked like francoise hardy and had turned me on to 'le grand meaulnes' and i wanted her to stay in my bed. It was a transforming occasion, never equalled by any of the paco de lucia/paco pena concerts that followed.
    So glad to have shared.