18 November 2007

Published and damn'd

  • Thrice a thousand curses on you, shoddy Hong Kong University Press, for using without permission that photo of my dad as the jacket photo for 'Steve' Tsang's pamphlet on "Governing Hong Kong: Administrative Officers from the Nineteenth Century to the Handover to China, 1862-1997".
  • And perdition to the lazy editor who couldn't be fagged to pick up a phone and make a courtesy call to local lensman Frank Fischbeck whose iconic - copyrighted -photo that is.

    That photo has memories. I was back in Honkers in 1995, working as a PR hack and spare pen. Some print-by-nite mag came on the scene and I was at the editorial meeting where the smartass design chief suggested going with a 'marvelous snap' he'd uncovered of some 'stiff upper lipped colonel blimp fogey'.

    He held the photo up for our guffaws and applause.

    "Your colonel blimp," I observed icily, "is Sir Ronald Holmes, my late father, and a better man than you.

    If you proceed with your lampoon, you will find some people in this town less than sympathetic to such mockery."


    rwells said...

    Quite the resemblance. Except for the outfit, I mean.

    Busker said...

    i agree about the threads.
    i tried to get dad to smarten up, wear a sword and tie now n then but he seemed happy enough to lounge around in his Halifax Warriors rugby league t-shirt and bovver boots.