18 November 2007

So far so good

Back me up, chaps. I've been asked to 'edit' some local wrinklie's rambling reminiscences of living death in the Ionian.

He's titling it "So far, so good".

No, I tell him, "no comma."

"Call yourself an editor?" he storms, "'f course there's a comma, you illiterate."

No, I tell him: 'so far so good' has the philosophical element of 'well, i've made it this far without totally blowing it".

With that comma it's like a triumphant, So far! So good!

"Bah!" he bahs, "and they told me you knew how to write."

I am right - ain't I?


rwells said...

So Far So Good - poor grammar
So, Farso, Good - I'm glad you speak Farso
Sofa Rsog Ood - Bulgarian folk song
So, Far, So, Good - so, what
So Far, So Good - We're happy you moved, but it's not a bad title, but "I haven't botched it up too badly," would mean the same.

Busker said...

I'm lolling back LOLing.
Ricardo, you are one witty commentista; you make this blog.
when Ricky Murdoch decides to publish corfucius between covers, he will instruct, "shove that pommie crap at the back and just run the Wells stuff w/ footnotes."

you keep me on my toes.

you realise im nicking all yer italian recipes and passing them orf as my own?

"mon dieu, chris - you can also cook??"

just a little sideline, darlin'.