01 July 2010


I am agog with captivation over Australia's new prime minister.

What a tough honey - shades of Jodie Foster as well as Tilda Swinton ... phwoar!

And that divine straight nose ~ I'm a nose man and Julia's conk sends shivers down me.

Can you imagine the straight-razored ruthlessness and canny footwork it must have taken for Gwyn Gillard to have made her way up the greasy Oz pol pole?

Oh poh poh the gonads she must have left scattered en route.

I'm hearing from my Cozzes and Kin Down Under that she's a street-fighter straight from The Valleys, so that explains a bit.

The rest will be her looks and feline ways.

Opah! She's already got a ton of photos in Google (suspicious, that) and that'll rocket now she's combining power with sex appeal - the ultimate aphro, as Kissinger had it.

Dai Cobber ~ And that beefy grinning geezer to the right is the lucky bastard who's the First Bloke's first bloke.

A hair-dresser johnny he may be, but to pass muster with La Gillardine, you can bet he's got the cojones that count.

  • Rudd Mud

    Good on the eye; g'day for investors

    Doncha love that smile-on-face-of the-tiger portrait.

    'Struth I fancy her more each time I read about her.

    Facebook: Gillers' Mad Max Eccent

    In re Sassy Sinbad's comment, le lowdown on Antoine Abbott.


    Simon Baddeley said...

    Yes, indeed! She's good. More than able to hold her own in the rough and tumble. She's got a seriously mad if charming adversary in Tony Abbott - real electricity at the dispatch box.

    Corfu Bluesman said...

    I'm also impressed, and many monarchists admire her.