28 February 2012


To Tameko Daleko to collect papers and the latest Spectator.

As I emerged, suddenly finally the penny dropped ... that Maman was not here to share the reading: not when i got home, not when she got home from some oldies' luncheon kneez-up, not when back from Italy or Londino or an impatient spell in the Clinic ~ not whenever, not no time.

A sinking surging feeling - Jan 14 to Feb 28, took long enough - an empowering glow and a quickening tread.

I'd found a dangly battery-powered lamp at St Lidl's that can prop, hang, or magnetise.

"Oh that is useful. I can stay out weeding even later!"

Ain't no lights needed where she's now.

Prune n weed neath that celestial glow.

Heaven on earth, I was about to say, but it's heaven in Heaven now, innit, bless her and all who trowel under her.

Heavenly Toes ~ Keep the Almighty on His toes:

"Erm ... Marjorie? The seraphim tell me you want to move that tree ... I was rather fond of it where it was ... part of My 'purpose', doncha know?"

Well, your ways are more mysterious than I realised ... you'll never grow any decent apples there."

Actually, had rather a success with one ...

"Nonsense ... anyway, if you move it over by the Phipensia it'll also keep away snakes."

Actually, wot I was referring to. Worked a treat where it is ... BTL (Before The Lad)

Maman: Oh St Peter, if youre going that way, I could do with some shredding around the Adam-n-Eve pergola.

God: [waft of hand] "Done

Mum Evreka! But for Your sake dont let my son see that.

He'll be down to Stihl in a trice ... anyway, he's newly inspired by a kymatic cadeau [see left]so dont distract him now when he's all keen n all

L'Almighty [rumble of divine discontentment] "Say what? She's meant to be beavering away on a job for Me. Got Easter coming up, you know?"

Oh she can do that any time. Anyway, all that intoning and incense and metropolitoi in their finery, no one'll notice another ceiling.

Offerings - to the Owl and Hamburger for one of Lizzie's absinthe on the rocks [known to the cognoscenti as the 'Howlin' Bugger'] from where I dropped off some goodies for mademoiselle.

(Actually the frenchies have dropped that, did you know? No longer correcte to identify les non-marriés)

Smitless in Gaza - Because Caroline likes to know from which of her tsunami of tswain her prezzies come, she gets very snarky when she finds anonymous diamond tiaras on her doorstep.

I was right on it: I'd prepared a note to place atop the Arabian thoroughbred. But i forgot to attach it. Must've channeled my spitfire younger adviseuse du coeur calling me from the colonies, "Dad! NO smitten"

Yes, dear. What, like No Smoking?

Better not let on, or the Daubessa will be presenting me next with a delicately inscribed motto d'émotion:

"No Smitten"

All curlicues and hearts sliced a-thrain.

Sell a bomb when Clooney next cruises chez Philp to buy his usual wagon load.

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