14 February 2012


~ and the Occupation ~

Just had a reminder from cousin "In t'Web" Hall (check out his Vol II) just how many people follow this blog.

Fastest way to catch the attention of the Vicar (who should roll in the aisle and this way can do so without being caught smiling by the faithful) and the local corfiot devoteds ~ post stuff here.

aisles - why is it rolling in the aisleS, plural. only one aisle in churches, non? go figure.

readership ~ cousin Pete inspires me to post the latest analysis of the jewel theft as i hone it.

  • it'll get me focused on fine tuning the vile tale

  • it'll get the story out there.

    Spoiler ~ I creamed the good stuff off long, long, before this whole divvying up nonsense was even mooted.

    No recompense for the baubles I intended for my babes in my 2003 Will, I grant, but one works with what one's reduced to.

    Jewel case - I didn't even know of this exquisite box until some years after the thieving of my jewels.

    Played right into my hands: maman produced it as something my girls could keep their jewelry in. Quick as a flash, I responded "Good excuse to return the jewelry they can keep it in."

    B'boum! Snookered, check-mate, what have you.

    Oh poh poh - talk about girate. Slam flounce glower. How we laffed.

    When Anna came out, I produced it with a wink and showed her some of the loot she and her sister would, actually, be storing therein. Less flouncing on that occasion but it didn't matter because we knew.

    Problem was that, unlike the Villa Thefti Express, they couldn't cart stuff home en voiture, so it's still here but that'll be sorted.

    More anon - no need lose the plot and move off the Deity topic.

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