22 August 2013

ISLAND - J. Edward Chamberlin - Elliott & Thompson ~ £14.00

"Vivid and absorbing story of how islands have shaped human history, society and culture."

Eddie Chamberlin's book is out but I've failed to see it on show around town, despite the fact that many of us actually live on an island.

Reviews, pretty good:

  • I wheedled a review copy out of the publishers, first by requesting one via a Corfu-stampèd postcard by my mother of a beautiful wild flower, then phoning to pester so that they could see the Grik αριθμός - not that the voice at the other end seemed to know much about the Chamberlin tome, or care. 
Anyway, they kindly sent one along but I kept forgetting to pick it up to keep reading, and you can't write about a book you haven't read.  

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