27 August 2013


I used to hang around with Laura's bunch in Seattle. Loved her songs and singing from the start.

Playing this gorgeous sun song and the tasteful video, I don't know why I dont just weld the metronome on this beat and write all my stuff to this happy casual rhythm. 

Here's some pseuds corner rubbish about the chanson.

On one of her albums she sings a strident song about never wanting a child, or was it never letting a child into this vile world? Anyway, I think she and Tucker (her genius producer) have two now and there's a glimpse of a cutie at the 2:13 mark.

When she sings of making something good I have to stop the car to listen and when I drive on I'm invariably vowing to be a better person and make something better of my life. It doesnt last but it's a pleasant feeling now and then. 

Listen to the very subtle harmony of the two voices. 

Life is good - no, I'm not saying I think "Life" is good. (Heaven forfend, or some such pomposity). I'd catch the first overdose/noose/razor (ugh, maybe not the scarlet bath) out of here and good riddance to all this burdensome crap.

I'm thinking more of my wonderful supportive loving friends who push the positive thinking life-is-good-worth-living-for nonsense that's so difficult to respond to with a straight face without being exceedingly rude. 

A chasm separates us and it can't be bridged. I'd love to be on what they're on, to have what they're having, but it'll never be. Krazy talk.

But it would be a good laugh to listen solemnly to the Good Life lecture and then launch into this song with ones best John Denver expression. At least by the end of it everyone'll have forgotten what they were talking about and we can get back on the blissful numb of self-medicating hooch. 

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