12 January 2014


Plebgate #1 was getting a little long and tedious, I admit - Ms Anonymous was right to complain -  but I wanted to build such a comprehensive file on the whole PlodPleb scandal that no search engine could miss it, and it could double as a 1-stop link for all the dirt and dalliance a Philth-Philo could wish for.

Perhaps I'm wrong but I thought it might useful for anyone - filth included - wondering "Woss all this fuckin' plebgate stuff all abaht, then?" to have a page to call up with choice links and comments. Next, I thought that if it got big enough people from everywhere would keep falling over it: a junior constable in Shamshuipo district office clicks respectfully on Bernie Ho-ho's name and also gets a slice of plebgâteau.

Likewise Andy Mitchell ~ a little light reading and a supportive gesture from a fan.

But yes, brevity is all. I'll be a little fussier:

Wallis in the flesh - ugh.

2004 hrs, Corfu time:  Website fail

Freemasonry - plot thickens

Mission Creeps - have you noticed how very satisfactorily Filthophile is seeping everywhere, more and more 'names' being dragged into Plodgate with accompanying ink in the appropriate plebby press.

Untrustworthy figures, widespread fiddling

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