08 January 2014


A gift! A palpable gift!!

I must sit down and craft a long descriptive reply covering 'people coming out of prison' and my 'coming out' ....

Honestly! You can blog and email and blah blah blah at every salon and saloon around town; spread the word via family and fops, simperers and pimperers ... give thieves their own right to reply in full in a forum of their choice ~ and still some denialist silly-billy is going to get it wrong.

Gallery - wonderful idea! Display salient pages from all the letters I've received since the 2007 early April thieving and compose dedicated replies with all the updated material and 'revelations' uncovered.

  • "People coming out of prison have a job to readjust" - background reading to understand the comparison between my emergence from my 'prison' and an average con re-entering society.
  • Rehabilitation success book - I need to spot the similarity between my case and a law-breaker who's paid his debt to society.
  • Caregiver theft - is this my cue to write the definitive exposé * analysis * research into care-receiver theft. To be absolutely sure what we're talking about ~ I'm talking about thieving by the Care Receiver of precious possessions belonging to the Care Giver : timing, circumstances, collaboration, 'denial' and refusal to acknowledge, effect on thieves and thievees.
  • Life after Prison - their lives after their prison versus my version.  

oldies bath cartoon - support text to follow

'Home help' helping Belsen-skeletal oldies out of bath. Stomach-churning sight and experience.
Hitchcock  film about Nazi death camps – horrified by footage he saw, documentary never shown.

 British Army Film Unit cameramen shooting liberation of Bergen-Belsen in 1945 joked about AH reaction to the footage. When Hitchcock first saw the footage, he was so traumatised that he stayed away from Pinewood Studios for a week. Hitchcock may have been the king of horror movies but he was utterly appalled by "the real thing".

Mother's suggestion that Tasia help her out of bath in my absence. My refusal to
subject her to such an ordeal, convinced she might do it once but be entitled to throw up in the bushes, go straight home, and never return.

Cartoonist clearly a young person with no experience whatsoever of care-giving or they would not even joke about it, let alone portray the grisly nightmare sight.

Balance of mind disturbed - I'm always fobbing people off with this explanation of how i reacted to the 2007 double theft of the jewels and unrelenting and exacerbating dishonesty and conniving thereafter, but i've never actually looked it up to cite with any authority.

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