15 August 2014

Cognitive Resonance! - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/11012900/Why-do-we-believe-in-homeopathy-Ten-tricks-the-brain-plays-on-us.html - ! had i only known of this in my mother's time ... boy could i have stuck one on her. bullseye. man, run the tape back n lemme come out vitriol blazin. and ive not even started on the "piece of work snaffling of my girls' heirloom bling. 


holmes said...

good comments

rsgoldget said...

What is her arc like any time she is about Jack's group? Is actually Jack the actual antidote with regard to exactly what ended up being wrong with Atlas, and then simply what does Port turn out to be and where really does that leave your ex?
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