30 August 2014

dorgeous day. new haircutmakes me feel fit n lean. an alert reader asked if i wanted the whole world to reak my brothers suggestion to go a little easy on flogging off the family bling and souvenirs - which of course i didnt so good catch there. visitors galore today but no buyers alas. the easel intended for catweazel (apparrently - none of my 24/7 buggings of our landline make any reference to maman wanting the laura knight easel to go to susie, who herself told me '[oh fugeddit!) ... but no matter because she gave me the best tip about scarpering with the bling before even the funeral, and chose the hiding place in that anonymous chest which was perfect hiding place til id gone thru it all and allocated the girls' stuff.
the email sbout going easy on the selling is pinned to the easel n is the first thing 'Friends of san luca see when they arrive n drop simpering gasrdeny hints about buying spare botanical drawings and mum's marbled art paper. all tucked away,, phew, or safely 'in writing' [cruel joke]. the top 10 bestest plant drawings were in the big plastic carrier folder and moved to the study once the jewels were packaged up and out. 
wish my camera worked to snap the heater boiler that crashed down right where my jewel box was; woulda killed anyone filching my tie pins n links. around the same time - 1:15am that my girls' box was conveniently added to the suitcase bound for villa thefti, 11 march 2007. date for infamy, as i used to whine at maman.

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