12 September 2007

Maddie Fatigue

One advantage of handing the laptop over to the webmonkeys is that one gets out n about and hears stuff.

This missing Madeleine angel is topic du jour here but not in the way I like:

Raucous dinner the other night at which was sitting on my left hand a top Greek avocat with decided opinions on the parents' guilt.

  • Question: How could two professionals (doctors, to boot) leave a 4-yr-old alone with two much younger siblings?
  • The mother done her in.
  • Over-dosed her to keep her quiet during their nosh, complications and then she died.
  • Get this: moved the corpse *before* their supper, drove her out somewhere and dug a hole and chuked her in.
  • Drove back, met pals for dinner, pretended to check thru the evening, finally returning to hotel room and screaming blue murder, omg, my baby's vanished.
  • All what followed was calculated front.

    Sounds a load of bollocks to me, but I'm just quoting this top-hole attorney who 100% believes the mother is guilty and will come to grief.

    Post-script: According to this BBC report, pal Doc Oldfield checked on her at 2130hrs, so either everyone is lying including friends, or my top lawyer theorist is wrong.


    rwells said...

    I'm not putting it past the parents - they've never struck me as grief stricken, and seem to have become quite fashionable, and cosiderably richer since their daughter disappeared. Either that or the Pope did it.

    Busker said...

    The Pope, for sure.
    But get this, i have been corrected on the doctor friend: apparently, the sawbones did not actually look in, presumably just listened outside for weeping and stuff.
    The UK press is now on about the dad not being the real pa; Madeleine was test tubed and they say t'wasnt dad's sperm. Tangled web time.