17 September 2007


Maureen sent this to me and I'm wasting a ton of time on it.

Now I'm being equally cruel to you.

  • Afterthought: It has some appalling omissions, such as Iris DiMent, Tom Rush and Bert Jansch, but therein lies further danger in that the next useless mission will be to sit down and churn out wikis on a ton of little-knowns.
  • Also, it means I get to read sentimental rubbish on songs like Daniel.

    Anonymous said...

    thanks a lot, that wasted a good half hr before I woke up to your warning


    Busker said...

    LOL. It's not perfect: doesn't have Bert Jansch or Tom Rush, but it covers enough to be distracting.
    The comments by fellow plebs can be a bit naive but, in all, the core facts it delivers can be useful.
    xx C

    rwells said...

    best part is it delivers lyrics and chords, now I can sit at my laptop with my autoharp like a perfect dork.

    Busker said...

    Yes, indeed, "Perfect Dork" (great handle), and I do that, too, despite the corfiot sun blazing down outside.
    So glad to be contributing to the waste of western civilisation.