19 August 2011


Giftedest artist Caroline Philp is pulling off wonders in her gallery across from the new Navigators eaterie meetery (itself no slouch at wondrous meads, sweetmeats, and serveuses of lapine beauty).

That up there is, to quote CP elle-meme,

a "New roof tile, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, after I was given the most beautiful book about him."

I think I'll make this a Philp archive of anything that particularly catches my eye.

HOMEWORK ~ Meanwhile, I can't be bothered to reel out a whole string of facts ~ here's the lady's website and there are links to more.


Yes, that's the sort of thing I meant.

Hope you didnt think this was going to be some tribute fillip of a weedy hommage to modom's kymalchemy.

Oh my goodness, although I say it myself, that angular snap across there is one stupendous shot of a well-denimed derrière.

I was there at the night - well, I took the snap, didnt I? - and I didnt notice the diaphanous qualité of the blouse.

And that's where red-blooded males are meant to have their gazes firmly focused ... or so I'm told.

Worrying sign.

~ Right. Back to business.

Rich and hypnotising. A touch of the Kate Bush about her.

Lucky I didn't buy this - which I would have - because I'd've kept it in the upstairs guest room/gym/sulking room and her gaze would never have left me.

Can you imagine how many crunches and stretches of the menacing grey full-tension Pilates band one would put in under that languid look. You'd never satisfy her ...


My artistic maman has this wonderful easel she bought yonks ago and which belonged to Dame Laura. She sez.

Sensing mortality, Mum is having beeg clear out and tidy up and wants me to sell this on Ebay. Joke.

I have contacted the Laura Knight society and was replied to by none other than Dame Laura's nephew.

Very courteous message: Need Provenance, most important. Otherwise we could be flogging something Kosta ran up in our basement-come-tsiporo still.

Keep mum: My secret desire is that it ends up with Caroline.

But shush on that.

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