09 August 2011


Rick Driscoll ~ Dave Good ~ Steve Hills

7There is something going on down in Kondokali and clever Sue Peacock's savvy Navigators eaterie meetery musiki.

I can't work out the chemistry, but it sure as hell works.

MUSIKI ~ top sounds, top service, ambiance you can't buy.

And speaking of sounds, I am getting very hooked on that Red combo.

Whoa - went down to see out Sunday with a brewski or 5 and they blew me away.


  • Musicianship ~ a given

  • Sound system - those boys have got it spot on

  • Harmony teamwork ~ man they were tight and tuneful.

    Word round the bar was that they don't have time to practise. Hey, you don't hammer out a set like that on chemistry alone.


  • Repertoire - Rick's pedigree speaks for itself and we're blessed to have a pro like that here on Prospero's Isle instead of the blighter rotting away somewhere in the upper echelons of the hit parade.

    Ugh, all those fawning groupies and wads of greenbacks shoved down his Y-fronts?

    Glad we've at least spared him that.

  • 1Speaking of which, where the fuck is the audience these guys deserve?

    Cmahn - even if cheekie chappie Mister Good didnt know his Dm from a 5th fret capo'd Augmented 7 (which he does in spades), you gotta agree he emotes good.

    Sunday's gig was as perfect as I've heard; the joint shoulda been jumping, nubile Nausicaas hauling their swarthy squeezes onto the dance floor, the rest of us scoping groping and leching.

  • Repertoire2 - It's all about what songs they churn out, innit?

    I've not heard the Who's My Generation better f-f-f-fondled.

    Red nail it: I'm not sure I want to go back to some of the Stones after hearing these guys' rework the gems.

  • 6Amy - what a tribute, what a sensitive handling of those jewels that'll gleam forever.

  • Does my Burns look big in this? ~ I know I know, it's unmanly naff to worry how one looks on stage. It's all about the music, right?

    But they looked great and the lighting was spot on (bad pun).


  • My snaps don't do that night justice but they come close.

    Look at Steve Hills getting his big acoustic thrum that gave such body to the evening.

  • 5An evening to remember and I wish I'd had my main camera to have included sounds and movement to make this blog post a true tribute.

  • Bums on seats: More to the point, feets on floor. This is a band born to bring the roof down.

    Yo! Get them pert tanned asses down there.

  • Feel the lurve, bop to the beat.
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